Saturday, January 29, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go?-part 4

When you begin to sense a change might be taking place. Here are seven steps to make sure you are making the right choices.
1. Listen to the right voice. Sometimes I hear God other times it’s gas (pizza late at night is the wrong voice.) You are the Lord’s, He is your shepherd. You hear His voice and know His voice. The voice of a stranger you will not hear! Ask God to remove blinders or hindrances to hearing His voice.
2. Remain faithful to the vision of the house. I believe it’s what you’re doing now, not what you’ve done in the past that matters. Stay faithful in the small things always!
 Allow your gifts to make room for you. If they don’t want or need your gifts at your present location, your gifts are needed somewhere else. Pray and talk to God about what you sense, not others.
3. Don’t go looking for greener pastures. Wait on release. If we truly work for God he will show us our next assignment. Don’t try to help Him out.
4. Don’t get into fear. If your Heavenly Father can take care of birds and flowers, He knows how to take care of His children. Stay in faith not in fear.
5. Remember no matter what God is in control; he has a place for you and knows where you live and how to get in touch with you. It is His job to keep His promises to you and He will!
6. If it is time to go never look back. Keep looking forward. Your best days in God are always ahead when you are making choices according to the Word!
7.   God operates by the law of mutual benefit. He will take care of you and the ministry you left. It’s not your responsibility to worry about the kids or workers you leave behind. If this is good for you it’s also good for the church and vice versa! 


  1. Great guidance in these posts, Jim. Thanks for sharing