Saturday, February 15, 2014

Infuse Contest Winners

Last week I had a crazy idea to run a contest to give a way $3,500 in reduces and a free infuse session. So after over 100 tweets not counting all the retweets, only 7 #kidmin folks took the time to follow instructions (which is very important to me) and send in a video. I was looking for a funny one, thinking someone would get all creative up in here to win the the grand prize. But instead I saw people who really wanted to do infuse, they wanted to grow but there was no way financially. I know the difference in people who are cheap and those who are in need.  Last week one of my favorite infusers Amber Baker twitter about a Jon Acuff post about the importance of investing in yourself.   (it's an excellent post and something I've been saying for years.) So last night before I went to bed I thought I would up the prizes and scholarships to $5,500. I woke up this morning after one of the best night sleeps I've had in a long time. (Almost 11 hours) and felt like the Lord said give more.

Let's recap a minute my first full time Children's Pastor's Job was at a church of 1,400 for $50 a week. My budget for Children's Ministry not counting Sunday School Curriculum was $500 per year. God taught me at that church I could trust Him. (He paid for the birth of my daughter when we had no maternity insurance, dress shoes showed up on my desk in my size when I needed them and the parents of my puppet team bought me a 17 passenger Dodge Maxi Van and gave it to me and it was orange.) At every church since God has showed me He knows how to get blessing to me but He asked me to let blessing also go through me and to sow my seed before I look for a harvest. (You can't harvest crops where no seed has been planted!)

Just over 5 months ago I felt the Lord directing me to resign the best paying job I've ever had in the ministry and the first thing I started doing was sowing seed and getting it in the ground. I sowed cash,I sowed time and ministry into other ministries and I sowed some guitars to some folks who needed not wanted a great guitar. I have found in 40 years of following Christ that you just can't out give God! Yesterday I prayed and asked God for a 4 wheel drive pick up truck to leave in Oklahoma and to lead me to the right one. Today I heard give more and call it truck seed.

So I'm going to obey God...

I want to thank the 7 kidmin folks who sent in your video. I appreciate the kind words you had to say about me and the confidence you have in me as a leader, mentor and coach.

I have decided to award not 1 but 2 full scholarships

Congratulations to Corey Jones and Jen Burks!

But that's not all

Tom Bump, Layne Parrish, Ben Gurczynski, Wendy Schulz, & Jason Smith will each receive a $1000 scholarship as well.

So thanks for playing as well as learning with me. I'm excited.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Want to do Infuse for free?

Seven years ago when I began my Infuse coaching and mentoring program I had no idea that this would be the most fruitful and effective way to train leaders that I have ever been a part of. Infuse is more than just another conference or event. It's doing life together for 6 months with a group of people who want what you want, to be a better leader. If you want to be able to not just learn facts but be able to walk out what you learn in a fraction of the time of learning it on your own the hard way then infuse is for you. 

Each session I have given free spots to folks that Jesus has brought across my path. Sometime they've been from a conference or event I spoke at and God told me to sow into them. Some have been people who have reached out to me by email, twitter or facebook and God said bless them. The other day as I was praying I felt the Lord said "Give another session away in a contest." So that's what what I'm going to do, here's how you can enter.

1. Tweet this message between now and February 14th
"@jimwideman is giving away free #kidmin stuff including an #infuse session."
For every tweet and retweet I'll enter your name in a drawing for free books and resources as well as a few $500 infuse scholarships.

2. Email me a video telling me why you would like to do infuse and why you should be selected. It's that simple!

Please make sure your leader is in agreement with you being a part of infuse, they will have to submit a recommendation if you are selected. You will also have to complete an application.

You can find out all the details of infuse here. If you are chosen you will be responsible for your own transportation and lodging to and from the retreats and all expenses except the $1,500 fee.

So what are you waiting on? Let the game begin! I'll anounce the winner on February 15th, 2014.