Saturday, March 02, 2013

Another Infuse Session Is In The History Books

I can't believe I've been offering my Infuse coaching and mentoring program for 5 years. I remember reflecting after the first retreat and feeling in my heart that I had struck gold and had truly heard from God. Infuse by far has been the most fruitful and fulfiling thing I've ever done to train and develop leaders outside my local church.

Today I just ended my 18th retreat and I'm sitting here watching the snow fall and resting and reflecting about this past infuse experience. Infuse has changed over the years since I started. Today I have 8 coaches who help me who are not only infusers themselves they are like family. When I started infuse was for an entire year with the possibility of an additional year today the sessions are for 6 months and you can sign up for as many additional sessions as you would like. Today marks the first day of my non-coaching part of the year. I'll use this time to work on me, my health and fitness and plan for some brand new additions for the fall. 

I've already filled the infuse+ (alumni group) that will start in August and I'm wrapping up the last few selections for Infuse7 that will start in September. The next group will be in September 2014. 

Maybe infuse is what you need to reach your next level? Here's what some recent infusers have to say...

"Infuse, for me, has been about applied knowledge. Information and ideas that might be gleaned from seminars, books, or conferences are broken down into bite-sized, in-depth, personalized, application.  The discussions, Q&A, and direct access to Brother Jim (and the Coaches and others in the Group) allow for a depth of processing and individualized attention that I've not found in any other format. The specifics of each unique situation -the issues and concerns as well the ideas and the dreams - are addressed and confronted and dissected and embraced. I have grown in my level of leadership, depth of character, and quality of ministry because of Infuse."   Montie Mansur, Little Rock, AR

"The difference between Infuse and other mentor groups is Bro Jim. Not only does he have the experience and knowledge, but Bro Jim brings a compassion for each infuse participant. He pushes each participant to succeed because he cares. Not only does he want you to succeed, but he shares the tools you need to take your church to the next level."  Jeremy Miller, Winchester, VA

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