Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Say Yes To Personalized Training

This past weekend I had the priviledge to begin some personalized training with a church that I have been going to help and speak for 24 years. I have always loved going to this church over the years. The pastors have a real heart for sowing into their people! Everytime I’ve gone over the years I’ve learned from this church as well as what I was able to teach them. Everytime I go to speak in a local church I ask several questions to locate what would be the best topic to cover with their Kidmin Team. This kind of personalize training to me is one of the benefits of having me come to your church. This past weekend I was asked to do something I’ve never done before in addition to doing something for the entire Kidmin Team I was asked to spend the day with the Kidmin leadership staff. It was a great experience, it was like a mini infuse for 1 church. We started off with having each person complete a Path Element Profile by Laurie Beth Jones before I arrived then after a get-to-know-you Q & A breakfast at the church we jumped into understand the PEP and how to communicate better as a team and how to serve their leader better. The rest of the day was structured with things this team needed to know and understand to lead better. At lunch we took a break and as we ate together their at the church we did another Q & A as well as ended the day with more Q & A. The next time I come back which the church elected to take advantage of me consulting for a year rather than a 1 time event so I’ll be there 3 more time in a year. I know right where to pick up in this day of leadership training. I think one of the reasons my Infuse program has seen so much success is because each group I’m not married to what I’ve done before but customize what we do and cover based on the individuals that God brings to that particular group. Each have been different! That’s also true about the retreats I’ve done more than 20 retreats and they have all been different because I’ve tried to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us where we need to go.

The next day I observed what was happening in the Children’s Ministry first hand as well as promoted the Kidmin Team training event for new people to join the team in each service. Then at 1pm we did a leadership train for the entire Kidmin Team. The church provided pizza for everyone and we were done by 2:15. We did a drawing for some of my books and all together the church picked up 35 new workers. We went over what I had observed at lunch and on the way back to the airport and I’m looking forward to helping them formulating a plan to do all the things I saw. I love this partnering with a church. The Church has also decided to send the Children’s Pastor through Infuse this fall. (By the way this church has already sent a Kidmin through Infuse)

This by far was a wonderful weekend. I can away wishing more churches would make this investment in their people. When you considered how many people where touched and the personalization it was very affordable for the church. Add these individualized learning sessions plus infuse to Live To Serve, Orange Tour and the Orange Conference and you have arsenal of tools to help your team say YES to training.

I’d love to talk to you how I could help your church have some individualized training. Either a one time weekend or a year of partnering together. Email me with questions and about availability and let’s talk how I can help you train your team and help you see your ministry goals and dreams come true.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Say Yes To Training

I have never been one for putting all my eggs in one basket. I believe in conferences! I don’t know where I would be as a leader without the impact of conferences in my life and ministry. This past year most of my #kidmin and #stumin staff got to attend #OC14 I wish I could have sent them all! But someone had to hold down the fort. That’s why I’m excited about the Orange Tour this fall. Now every single staff member can attend a training event to learn to think Orange. I can also expose key leaders to what we’ve come home from a multi day event like Orange saying in a 1-day seminar. But I can’t get all of my volunteers to take off from work and attend during the week. That’s why I’m thankful for “Live To Serve” , here’s a low cost all day Saturday event I can get my workers to, where they are learning the same thinking and philosophy by folks who are walking them out each week in their local churches. I am so honored that I get to be a part of all 3 events. Now there’s a way to say Yes to training, it’s not just 1 event it’s both and! I want to encourange you to take a minute and look at the dates available for the fall and I hope you’ll do with your team the same thing I’m going to do with my team. Say Yes to training!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Infuse is not for everyone...

Infuse is not for everyone, that’s why there are so many choices when it comes to Children’s Ministry Training. But if you’re looking for something different, something with a proven track record, then infuse may be for you like it was for these three kidmin leaders just like you. Don’t just take my word for it see what these three have to say…

“Our church was growing. Our kids ministry was seeing more and more families each week. And I found myself in a transition of leading kids to leading leaders who lead kids. I wasn’t sure how to do it. I had heard about Bro. Jim’s INFUSE group and decided to apply. It opened my eyes to ideas and principles I had never considered. Not only that, but over the course of the INFUSE months, my leadership changed in my ministry and in my home. Understanding time management, living by principles, and seeing my role in the bigger picture, have changed the way I lead myself and others”. -Aaron, NC

“I have been learning from Jim Wideman since I first started in Children’s Ministry. He has influenced and shaped my life and ministry for the past 7 years. When I first heard about Infuse, I thought, “Why do I need to do that?” I’d listened to his CDs, read his books, and followed his blog. I wrongly thought that I’d heard everything he had to say. Boy, was I wrong. Infuse has taken the things I had learned from Jim to a whole new level. He has explained in detail the principles he has taught over the years but also, as he got to know me, spoken wisdom into my life where I needed to hear it, and pointed out areas in my life where I had wrong thinking so that I could correct it. Infuse has taken Jim from being a man of God who had mentored me from a distance, to a loving father who truly cares about me and is helping me take the steps I need to take to be a better leader, man, and follower of Jesus. I am so thankful for Jim and what he has done with Infuse, and will always look back on my time in Infuse as a game-changer for my life and ministry.” -Collin, FL

“Do you feel like your ministry is stuck? Could you use a few more volunteers? Do you need to grow as a leader? Then Infuse is for you! Infuse allows you the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest leaders in Children’s and Family Ministry, Jim Wideman. You know everybody does better with a coach. Bro Jim has a heart to grow and lead the next generation of leaders. His experience, advice and support will help you grow as a leader and stretch you more than anything you could ever dream!” -Clayton, LA

So what are you waiting for? Send in your application today.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Infuse works...

Here’s three more quotes about infuse that will show you the bottom line… infuse works!

“I was about to quit. I had grown frustrated, almost angry, and had lost sight of the big picture. We have all had or will have moments or seasons like this. I was in the middle of what I thought was a transition time. I was actively looking to leave my church and was convinced that I needed to find the place where God wanted me to be, even if it was without his help! In fact I had just flown back from an interview at a church where I had convinced myself God was going to move me.  
Then I started Infuse. From the very beginning of this coaching/mentoring program (it is really much more than that) Brother Jim has spoken truthfully and clearly into my life. There were many areas where I had wrong thinking about my church, pastor, and senior leaders. There were also things in my personal life that I was doing or not doing that were hindering my own leadership abilities. While it has not always been easy, Infuse has given Bro Jim the opportunity to point out these issues to me, and his ‘loving father’ approach has made it so easy to take what he is saying and know that it is for my good. If the voice of wisdom and the voice of God are the same thing, then God has clearly spoken to me through this program and allowed me to change what needed to change so I can be more effective for the Lord. I’m no longer looking to leave my church, God has changed my heart and attitude toward my pastor and leaders, and I have made changes in my life that are helping me lead myself, my family, and my ministry better. I’m now looking forward to the most fruitful season of ministry in my life and what God is going to do as I obey him and not my own desires. I would not and could not be in the place I am at right now if I hadn’t signed up for Infuse when I did.”

“Infuse is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself and the ministry God has given me! Brother Jim shares some great, very practical teaching and steps you can take to improve your leadership and walk with God immediately. Infuse allows this Children’s Ministry and leadership hero to become a Spritual Dad who is willing to pour all that he knows into you. If you have a desire to grow in your leadership and walk with the Lord, sign up for Infuse today!”

“Jim once wrote an article titled “Confessions of a Conference Junkie”. That was me! I have been to lots of conferences, training events, and local kidmin gatherings over the years. I even got pretty good about being intentional while I was there to connect with certain people and trying to learn from them. I never met a conference I didn’t like or at least a conference I didn’t come away with something from. But then came Infuse… 
Infuse is different than a conference. The wisdom, ideas and relationships you can get at a conference are great, but with infuse that stuff is just the beginning. Infuse helps you take the wisdom and know how to apply it to your life; Infuse gives you practical steps to develop and implement that great idea you have; Infuse takes surface-level relationships and turns them into what I believe will be lifelong friendships that grow deeper as you go through this process together. My greatest regret about Infuse is that I didn’t do it earlier. I spent a whole lot of money on conferences that were fun and exciting but in reality did very little for me or my ministry in the long run. Trust me, I still love a good conference and will still go to them, but for the time and money you would spend on a couple conferences in a year, you can do something that will set you up for long-term growth, success and consistency in every area of your life, and a plan to make sure you follow through on the things you learn.”

Want to be a part of the next infuse group tho September? Get all the info and send in your application today!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Here's what 3 Kidmin's are saying about infuse

If you want to be the best kidmin leader you can be, Infuse is the opportunity you are waiting for! From learning leadership fundamentals to being relationship driven, you will look at how you function as a leader and how to go to the next level in your leadership ability. Not only do you dive into valuable leadership books, but you also have access to one of the greatest children’s leaders of all time and he is right at your fingertips! Any question you have or situation you are not sure how to handle, you can ask away and work through the situation with a team of coaches who have walked in your shoes before. In other words, if you don’t sign up for Infuse 9, you are missing out on an opportunity to take not only your ministry, but your entire church to a new level of partnering with families and their children to make God the best part of their life.-Carina Shockley 7 Hills Church Florence, KY

Infuse 8 has been life changing for me both personally and professionally. When I started I was a bit embarrassed as I’ve been in ministry for over 25 years but had always struggled with both self leadership and with organizational habits. I was also embarrassed to ask for help and so instead I would just privately struggle and wonder if I could ever figure it out.
When my chance for Infuse 8 opened up I jumped at it and I’m so thankful I did. I have already learned to embrace the way God wired me and for the first time in all my life, I don’t feel ashamed of the way God made me as leader but instead I feel more determined to develop as a leader. I know some solid skills to get things done as well as some principles that will help develop other leaders that God brings into my life or team. It has always been a dream to be organized and well prepared for events and ministry and now I am seeing it as a reality. I am making strides in the right direction with clarity and intentionality. 

I would highly recommend, wherever you are in your ministry experience to consider Infuse to develop yourself, your skills, etc. It will change you! Even my wife is excited with all the changes I’ve made. She told me, “I don’t fully know what you’re doing but whatever it is, Don’t Stop!!” I am and will be forever grateful for everything Jim and the other Coaches us. -Tom Bump- Cleaveland, OH

"Infuse has been an incredible experience for me. Being that I am a young leader, I don't have a whole host of knowledge or experiences when it comes to being a leader in ministry. For a while I was just "getting-by" trying to learn from different resources. However, since I started Infuse, my leadership has gone to the next level and I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. Jim is a wealth of knowledge and experiences and he's more than willing to share those so that other leaders can grow to be successful. Take advantage of the Infuse opportunity, you'll be glad you did.” -Lauren Wierzba, Demotte, IN

It's simple, to apply find out how you can be a part of Infuse this September.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Thus sayeth the Lord always works

Several years ago the good people at Ford Motor Company launched an advertising slogan that was quite catchy, (the fact that I still remember it proves my point) it was simple, and it was true. The slogan was genius “Ford has a better idea!” The same is true about God’s direction in my life. There is a big difference in the things I’ve done in ministry that where good ideas and the things I’ve done that were God ideas. God’s ideas always work and they are just better. Infuse is just one of those God ideas that has been a game changer in my life and life of bunches of kidmin leaders.
What I have found out over the last seven years is not everyone wants to learn as bad as soon leaders want to. Some try to learn on their own. Oh they read books, get some traing from a DVD or a Conference, they listen to podcast and read a few blogs but those who are truly serious get a coach. This is true in golf, it’s true in tennis even with sports among professional athletes, when they want to up their game they get a personal coach.
I’ve also found this true in the world of ministry. Last month marked the seventh year of the anniversary of the most major ministry shift I’ve known to date. God showed me once again his plans and ideas for my life was better than anything I could imagine or think of on my own. Once again, “God had a better idea!”
Infuse is the most unique kidmin coaching and mentoring opportunity on the planet. I wish I had thought of it, but it’s truley proved out to be a God idea! For all the details check it out on my website. Over this six month program you’ll learn effective process not given a pill. You’ll not only learn from me but from my fifteen coaches who have all spent more than two years in infuse being coached themselves, they are also doing ministry hands, now. You’ll also learn from the other infusers going through this process with you. There are four conference calls, two, two-day retreats here in Tennessee and a special online forum where you have access to me and the coaches daily.
Got questions? Email me. Over the next few days I’ll be posting what others have to say about their experience. I still have a few spaces for next group that will start September 1st, 2014 but you need to act fast and send in your application.