Thursday, June 05, 2014

Infuse works...

Here’s three more quotes about infuse that will show you the bottom line… infuse works!

“I was about to quit. I had grown frustrated, almost angry, and had lost sight of the big picture. We have all had or will have moments or seasons like this. I was in the middle of what I thought was a transition time. I was actively looking to leave my church and was convinced that I needed to find the place where God wanted me to be, even if it was without his help! In fact I had just flown back from an interview at a church where I had convinced myself God was going to move me.  
Then I started Infuse. From the very beginning of this coaching/mentoring program (it is really much more than that) Brother Jim has spoken truthfully and clearly into my life. There were many areas where I had wrong thinking about my church, pastor, and senior leaders. There were also things in my personal life that I was doing or not doing that were hindering my own leadership abilities. While it has not always been easy, Infuse has given Bro Jim the opportunity to point out these issues to me, and his ‘loving father’ approach has made it so easy to take what he is saying and know that it is for my good. If the voice of wisdom and the voice of God are the same thing, then God has clearly spoken to me through this program and allowed me to change what needed to change so I can be more effective for the Lord. I’m no longer looking to leave my church, God has changed my heart and attitude toward my pastor and leaders, and I have made changes in my life that are helping me lead myself, my family, and my ministry better. I’m now looking forward to the most fruitful season of ministry in my life and what God is going to do as I obey him and not my own desires. I would not and could not be in the place I am at right now if I hadn’t signed up for Infuse when I did.”

“Infuse is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself and the ministry God has given me! Brother Jim shares some great, very practical teaching and steps you can take to improve your leadership and walk with God immediately. Infuse allows this Children’s Ministry and leadership hero to become a Spritual Dad who is willing to pour all that he knows into you. If you have a desire to grow in your leadership and walk with the Lord, sign up for Infuse today!”

“Jim once wrote an article titled “Confessions of a Conference Junkie”. That was me! I have been to lots of conferences, training events, and local kidmin gatherings over the years. I even got pretty good about being intentional while I was there to connect with certain people and trying to learn from them. I never met a conference I didn’t like or at least a conference I didn’t come away with something from. But then came Infuse… 
Infuse is different than a conference. The wisdom, ideas and relationships you can get at a conference are great, but with infuse that stuff is just the beginning. Infuse helps you take the wisdom and know how to apply it to your life; Infuse gives you practical steps to develop and implement that great idea you have; Infuse takes surface-level relationships and turns them into what I believe will be lifelong friendships that grow deeper as you go through this process together. My greatest regret about Infuse is that I didn’t do it earlier. I spent a whole lot of money on conferences that were fun and exciting but in reality did very little for me or my ministry in the long run. Trust me, I still love a good conference and will still go to them, but for the time and money you would spend on a couple conferences in a year, you can do something that will set you up for long-term growth, success and consistency in every area of your life, and a plan to make sure you follow through on the things you learn.”

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