Monday, June 23, 2014

Say Yes To Training

I have never been one for putting all my eggs in one basket. I believe in conferences! I don’t know where I would be as a leader without the impact of conferences in my life and ministry. This past year most of my #kidmin and #stumin staff got to attend #OC14 I wish I could have sent them all! But someone had to hold down the fort. That’s why I’m excited about the Orange Tour this fall. Now every single staff member can attend a training event to learn to think Orange. I can also expose key leaders to what we’ve come home from a multi day event like Orange saying in a 1-day seminar. But I can’t get all of my volunteers to take off from work and attend during the week. That’s why I’m thankful for “Live To Serve” , here’s a low cost all day Saturday event I can get my workers to, where they are learning the same thinking and philosophy by folks who are walking them out each week in their local churches. I am so honored that I get to be a part of all 3 events. Now there’s a way to say Yes to training, it’s not just 1 event it’s both and! I want to encourange you to take a minute and look at the dates available for the fall and I hope you’ll do with your team the same thing I’m going to do with my team. Say Yes to training!

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