Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Say Yes To Personalized Training

This past weekend I had the priviledge to begin some personalized training with a church that I have been going to help and speak for 24 years. I have always loved going to this church over the years. The pastors have a real heart for sowing into their people! Everytime I’ve gone over the years I’ve learned from this church as well as what I was able to teach them. Everytime I go to speak in a local church I ask several questions to locate what would be the best topic to cover with their Kidmin Team. This kind of personalize training to me is one of the benefits of having me come to your church. This past weekend I was asked to do something I’ve never done before in addition to doing something for the entire Kidmin Team I was asked to spend the day with the Kidmin leadership staff. It was a great experience, it was like a mini infuse for 1 church. We started off with having each person complete a Path Element Profile by Laurie Beth Jones before I arrived then after a get-to-know-you Q & A breakfast at the church we jumped into understand the PEP and how to communicate better as a team and how to serve their leader better. The rest of the day was structured with things this team needed to know and understand to lead better. At lunch we took a break and as we ate together their at the church we did another Q & A as well as ended the day with more Q & A. The next time I come back which the church elected to take advantage of me consulting for a year rather than a 1 time event so I’ll be there 3 more time in a year. I know right where to pick up in this day of leadership training. I think one of the reasons my Infuse program has seen so much success is because each group I’m not married to what I’ve done before but customize what we do and cover based on the individuals that God brings to that particular group. Each have been different! That’s also true about the retreats I’ve done more than 20 retreats and they have all been different because I’ve tried to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us where we need to go.

The next day I observed what was happening in the Children’s Ministry first hand as well as promoted the Kidmin Team training event for new people to join the team in each service. Then at 1pm we did a leadership train for the entire Kidmin Team. The church provided pizza for everyone and we were done by 2:15. We did a drawing for some of my books and all together the church picked up 35 new workers. We went over what I had observed at lunch and on the way back to the airport and I’m looking forward to helping them formulating a plan to do all the things I saw. I love this partnering with a church. The Church has also decided to send the Children’s Pastor through Infuse this fall. (By the way this church has already sent a Kidmin through Infuse)

This by far was a wonderful weekend. I can away wishing more churches would make this investment in their people. When you considered how many people where touched and the personalization it was very affordable for the church. Add these individualized learning sessions plus infuse to Live To Serve, Orange Tour and the Orange Conference and you have arsenal of tools to help your team say YES to training.

I’d love to talk to you how I could help your church have some individualized training. Either a one time weekend or a year of partnering together. Email me with questions and about availability and let’s talk how I can help you train your team and help you see your ministry goals and dreams come true.

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