Monday, January 17, 2011

12 things anyone can do to set themselves apart and lead others better!-part 8

#8- Make an agenda and plan for all meetings
A secret to getting volunteers to come to our meetings and staff not dreading them is to keep the meeting relevant. If someone doesn't need to hear the information that you are sharing then, don’t invite them to the meeting.  If your information can be communicated in another form other than a meeting, use it. I think sometimes we have a meeting to see what meetings we need to have. Here's a few of my favorite meeting rules:
1.  Select an ending time and end on time!
2. Use a timer. (Another reason to buy an iphone!)
3. Put each item you have to share in order of importance so if you run out of time it's the stuff of least importance.
4. Stay on task (It’s your meeting act like it!)
5. Stand up to talk. It will make a huge difference plus you burn more calories when you stand up!
6. Video your meeting anytime you can and watch yourself. (It will make you a better communicator, plus you can watch others reation to your meeting.
7. Get feed back from someone you can really trust how they think the meeting went. Learn from them and always look for ways to improve yourself!

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