Sunday, January 09, 2011

12 things anyone can do to set themselves apart and lead others better!

#1-Be someone worth following
You've heard me say this before but positional leadership is the lowest form of leadership. So many times we try to lead by our function rather than our practice and example.
Jesus practiced what He preached He said "Be holy for I am holy. We also see that He knew the Word and did it. Those are still smart things to practice.
I also think we should love the Lord, love the kids, love your workers, love your family, and love your pastor the way you want others to do. Practice and model how to flow with authority. A great question I like to ask my self on a regular basis is..."Has there ever been a time in my life when I was more in love with Jesus than I do right now? I'm the only one that can fix that. Another good question to ask is..."How’s your prayer life?"

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