Thursday, January 13, 2011

12 things anyone can do to set themselves apart and lead others better!-part 5

#5- Show up a minimum of 30 minutes before everyone and always have everything done and set up before the first leader gets there. This might not sound like a leadership principle but it is. If you want others to show up early don't just set the example knock it out of park.  Being late is not the sign of a leader. I tell those I lead if you can’t be on time be
early. The best way to get others to come early is for you to get there earlier. Have it all set up ahead of time so you can speak to people as they come in. Sooner or later someone's going to ask "when do you get here?" or better yet they start showing up earlier to give you a hand. Appearances matter they really do. What does your facilities and the shape they are in when people show up at your church say about your vision?

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