Friday, January 28, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go?-part 3

5.   Always leave in a way that you can come back for a visit or attend church there no matter what has transpired. Walk in integrity!  Point loyalties to the leadership not to yourself. You get to move on they have to stay. When you do come back. Come back right! (We’ll discuss this more later.)
6. Leave the children’s ministry in better shape than you found it. I believe a mark of true success is you’ve left a successor. Leadership might not want them but you should be training and raising up others for them to choose from. You’re only as effective as your team.
7. When you leave, leave! Don’t call workers. If you have special friendships, be a friend but don’t discuss church stuff. A rule I have followed since I made my first ministry change in 1983 is don’t go back and visit unless you are invited by the Pastor or have his permission to attend. (It’s been a good one, too!) Don’t allow workers or staff to call you and talk about the church. If people are saying bad things about you after you leave, (and they will) let God defend you. Here’s a great truth to live by “You cannot control what others do, but you can control your attitude and reactions to their choices. Make good ones!”
...still more to come

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