Saturday, February 05, 2011

Why Can't We All Get Along-part 5

There have been problems on both sides. Children’s ministers don’t just dislike youth pastors; most Youth Pastors don’t esteem Children’s ministers either.
Neither do others in the church. When you boil it down our society at large do not esteem those who work with children. It’s a shame what we pay teachers in our country. But we must do more than talk about it; we must give others a reason to esteem us! I think it’s time for Youth Pastors to view Children’s Ministry as a feeder program and work along side the children’s ministry to help strengthen it with their students helping out and learning about serving. The problem is we Children’s Ministers see our ministry as an end instead of part of the preparation process.
As a team we must prepare kids for the youth ministry. The Youth minister must prepare kids for college and life as a young adult. There is a big difference between renovation and new construction. In new construction each trade works together to build the building base on the blue prints as a single unit working together!
It’s up to me to remember our enemy is the devil not each other.

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  1. Could agree more. When Kidmin and Stumin fight kingdom work grinds to a halt. Great post Brother Jim.