Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Leading With Help-part 3

         I learned a very valuable lesson about relying on my helper several years ago. Ne day as I was leaving for work I had an impression in my spirit that I needed to bring my bass guitar with me to church. Rather than be quick to obey I started reasoning with myself and to make a long story short I blew off the leading and went to work. No sooner as I walked in my office the phone rang and it was my Wednesday Night bass player in my pre-youth class informing me that he just got to work and found out he had to work late and asked if I could play bass myself for him. My helper (The Holy Spirit) wanted to help me save time. As I drove back home to get my bass I saw that the more I listened to the voice of the Spirit in small things the easier it was to hear him in major decisions. I also realized it would have better for me to brought my bass and didn’t need it than to blow off the voice of the Spirit. I’ve also learned through the years to never disobey a check in my Spirit. If I sense a strong leading to not go somewhere or to not do something or to pass on a worker even if I can’t explain it I trust my helper.

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