Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leading With Help-part 4

With these things in mind here are Ten Ways I allow the Holy Spirit to help me Lead in ministry.

1.  Let the peace of God rule and reign in your lives. How do you do that? I’m glad you asked. Make time to meditate the Word about peace daily as well as in stressful times. Make time to pray! When you don’t know how to pray let the Spirit guide you and lead your prayers. Give no place to fear! Fear is faith in reverse.
2. Meet every situation with a spirit of faith. The Holy Spirit gives us boldness.
Be positive and speak faith words! Speak what God’s Word says not your doubts. Remind yourself what God has done for you. One of the jobs of our helper is to remind us about what Jesus has done and said. Don’t go by what you see, feel or hear. 2 Corinthians 5:7 says “For we walk by faith, not by sight:
Don’t listen to the devil, his messengers or to bad or evil reports.
3. Be strong and courageous. Acts 1:8 says But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you. I believe a good measurement of the Spirit in us is how strong we are. What ever you are full of comes out of you when you are shaken. When you are full of the Spirit, His strength and courage comes out of you when life shakes you! Don’t be a baby be strong! Thirty-three times in the Bible we are told to be strong, an additional ten times will are told to be strong and courageous!
4. Ask for the Spirit to guide your plans. The Bible could not be more plain on the subject of Gods plans are different than our plans. That’s why we should be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit for God’s plan.    Don’t be afraid to be detailed in your planning. Learn to thing backwards from the desired outcome and break your plan down into steps. Don’t wait to the last minute. Never equate flowing with the Spirit to flying by the seat of your paints.      
5.  Learn to allow the Spirit to help you Identify things that need correcting and ask Him to teach you why it needs fixing as well as how. To me the Holy Spirit works in our lives like a spot light he shines or illuminates things that need to be change. I also rely of the Spirit to help me identify areas of improvement in my ministry. The Spirit is a safe guide, one whom can always be trusted. The voice of wisdom and the voice of God is always the same thing. Our helper the Holy Spirit will lead us to all truth and will never disagree with the voice of wisdom or God’s Words!

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