Thursday, February 17, 2011

Power to Last -Part 4

06.      Make changes and improve yourself constantly. I’ve had to reinvent myself as I’ve ministered to young people in the 70’s, the 80’s. the 90.s and now in the 00’s.
Be a student of leadership. Improve your skill sets and abilities. Do what works! Evaluate, network, brainstorm with others. Choose to be a lifelong learner! Have a mentor or ministry friend coach and critique your service, your abilities or a meeting that you are leading. Have a makeover in your hairstyle or wardrobe. Wanting to improve is the first step in actually improving.
05.  Choose to not let attacks, set backs and bad situations hold you back. The secret of longevity is to determine to turn lemons into lemonade! I could fill up this magazine with stories here. We all could insert our own “Somebody done somebody wrong song here. We could all blame others, make excuses for our unforgiveness and hold bitterness in our hearts but I choose to forgive and let others go. I have spent my life telling kids about the power of forgiveness and I am going to practice it because it is the only way to receive forgiveness for myself. Failure and heartaches don’t hold you back it’s what you choose to do after they happen that hold you back or cause you to fail forward.
04.  Do something new and different. I think one reason people give up is that get tired of doing the same things. Choose to always be on the lookout for a new and better way to do everything you do. Most Children’s Pastors I know are pack rats. A great way to stay relevant and fresh is not to keep tons of stuff to re-use. You’ve heard me say this many times but I’ll say it again, “Same action brings same results.” Try something you’ve never done. I’ve found doing new things keep me fresh. Just because something worked once doesn’t mean I should keep doing it. It doesn’t take leadership to quit something that isn’t working. It takes a true leader to take something that’s working well and change it and make it better. That kind of leadership produces results that bear much fruit,
03.   Don’t believe your own press kit. Another thing my mother told me my whole life is, “Things are never as bad as you think they are and you are never as wonderful as you think you are either.” Never forget God is your source! Don’t work in your own strength. Yes you have skills and gifts but remember who gave you those gifts. I am nothing without the Lord. We are all just a pair of overalls that the Holy Spirit wants to put on and empower us. Give God the glory or every victory and accomplishment. Be thankful always! Keep a file or journal of the victories God has given you and give Him the glory for the good things He has done!
02.   Set a goal and don’t stop until you hit it. Then when you hit your goal then set another goal. If you want to have power to last learn to think in steps. Make a plan based on those steps and goals and then walk in out. Don’t seek a quick fix, don’t take leaps, jumps or shortcuts. Follow the Lord’s leading and His timetable.

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