Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Value Of Teamwork

No matter how great an individual player you are, a team can make you or break you.  I’ve always loved being a part of a team. I love team sports. It’s fun to compete but it’s more fun to hang out with the guys on the team.  I love playing in bands.  The reason I have five different children’s church bands is so I’ll always have a place to play guitar.  I keep a guitar with me most all the time.  I love to play every chance I get but there is nothing like playing in a band.  But teamwork is also important at church.  I love the staff and people I work with at World Outreach Church.  We have worked hard assembling and developing our team.  But as great as it is to be a part of a great team some of my biggest frustrations in life have come from being a part of a team that did not function as a team. My least favorite times in ministry have been being on staffs at churches that were all doing their own thing and not functioning as a team.
My favorite definition of a team is Together Everyone Achieves More!
 It’s plain that a team can accomplish more than an individual.  Yet children’s ministers still insist on doing things themselves rather than build a strong team.  I believe every children’s pastor or children’s ministry coordinator should see himself or herself as a coach and desire to build a super team.
Here are four things a successful coach should instill in his team and expect from each player.  #1-BE OWN THE BALL.  A team player must be alert of what’s going on and able to assess the situation for themselves and the team. A team player puts the goals, needs and good of the team first, rather than individual goals, wants, and needs.  Each member of the team must value the team.  Never forget that you are a part, not the whole enchilada.  Respect and esteem every member of the team.  Every worker I have is important to the success of my team.  Be considerate of others.  Ask yourself, “How do my actions affect others?”  Don’t ever think about quitting the team in hard times.  Don’t let setbacks stop you.  See problems as challenges and situations for your team to excel.  Get after it-work it with all your might to make your team 
Be it’s best. 
  #2- GIVE A LOT!  Let your teammates slam-dunk while you take an assist.  Rejoice in the abilities and accomplishments of those around you.  An excellent team player chooses to prefer others to excel. Their motto is: “It doesn’t matter who gets the credit.”  Never complain, but seek opportunities to motivate others. Don’t be negative. You cannot maintain a winning attitude and be negative.  Being positive is a choice!  A team player complements others and hand out praise.  In ministry we can’t control every event, but we can control our response to it.  Keep your motives pure.  Don’t seek after the approval or praise of man.  Do your best even if you go unnoticed.  Always ask, “What’s best for the team?”  Never be too busy to help others.  The team that gives a lot accomplishes a lot. 
#3-OVER COMMUNICATE!  Let those above you know what’s going on.  No surprises ever.   Surprises hurt the team.  Let those around you know what’s happening and what they should be doing. The military calls this the need to know.  Talk with the team; build a relationship with your teammates.
Admit when you need help.  A team is like a chain the overall strength is only as strong as the weakest link.  Be teachable and open to correction, discipline, and advice.  Don’t take things personal. A good communicator is a good listener. Determined to learn from everybody, not just your coaches.  This includes learn from your own mistakes. 
  #4-DO YOUR JOB!  Do what you know to do.  Be on the ball, give a lot, over communicate, and do your job. 
Great basketball teams know how to do this.  They keep the ball moving till someone has the opportunity to score.  At the same time they never forget who’s the shooter, who’s the rebounder, and who’s covering whom.  A team player understands their role and does it with all their might.  A valuable team player must possess knowledge of the game.  They are always a student.  Remember 2 Timothy 2:15  “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” It’s imperative to know and follow the game plan. Know your job or position.  Always be loyal to your coaches.
The best teams in the world review and evaluate constantly.  Not just the accomplishments but also the mistakes. Take blame but never assign any. Never talk bad about teammates at anytime. Never talk bad about the coaches or the front office anytime. Desire to share any victories together. Value your team and you’ll enjoy the value of teamwork first hand.

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