Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Next Infuse Book...

 Last week I went to my mailbox at our local UPS Store and loaded my truck with six boxes of my brand new infuse book...The Eric Trap- 5 things every leader has to get right. 

The first group of folks that will get their kidmin hands on them is the wonderful group of authors who helped me make this project available. How did I select them, well they selected me to coach them for two years in Infuse.  They are my second year folks of infuse 2 that I lovingly refer to as infuse2.2. These where some of the most creative and talented folks I've ever coached.

Before the second year even got started good they asked me if they were going to be able to do a book like the first good did. (Kidmin Leadership) Two of the members of this group had the idea for us to write a leadership fable. It's a story about a young children's pastor named Eric Newman. Eric makes a lot of mistakes in five key areas of his life and ministry. Because of his actions Eric feels trapped. I think most of us in kidmin can identify with Eric's story but the authors also offer some practical help to avoid the same kind of traps.

Here's what some of our friends who we let read the book had to say...

Every leader in your organization (staff or volunteer) who has even a remote desire to control things can benefit from The Eric Trap - please don't limit this book's audience to people who serve in children's ministry.  This book provides us with a dead accurate description of the dynamics of ministry, coupled with practical, insightful principles that can guide any leader out of the leadership traps we place ourselves in.  Jim, Sam, Kenny and their team write with clarity, power and insight that make this book hard to put down.  I think this book is great.  The topics talked about here are not just Kidmin issues, but also Student ministry issues and even Senior Pastor issues. (it's why most churches don't grow past 100 people).  This is a leadership book! Well done!

Carey Nieuwhof
Senior Pastor
Connexus Community Church

"The "Eric Trap" takes ministry leaders on a dark, serious, and scary journey into the world of working in a church and balancing your priorities.  It was eerie how much the story mirrored my own story in so many ways.  I believe the "Eric Trap" can be a game changer for those willing to shine the light into the dark places of their own pastoral lives.  It's on the other side of change that the insights gained from this book pay off in a rich way!"

Jonathan Cliff
Next Generations Ministry Pastor,
Trinity Church, 

From the very first introduction of the book with the story of Eric I was engaged. Without a doubt leaders will identify with different aspects of Eric's story and the "Eric Traps" we have all either faced or experienced in ministry. If you are a children’s, student’s and/or family ministry leader I would encourage you to get this book. This book will bring clarity by helping leaders see what is important and showing that when you make a deposit in others God will build you & the ministry you serve in.
Jim Wideman, Sam Luce, Kenny Conley and the entire team do an amazing job to identify how you as a leader can rise higher and help you avoid the pitfalls that challenge leaders in ministry. I highly recommend "The Eric Trap" !

Craig Johnson
Pastor and Director of Ministries
Lakewood Church

more to come...

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