Monday, March 26, 2012

Eight Relationships That Matter In Ministry-Part 4

#4. Know your leader...We exist as Children's Pastors to help our pastors.
Here are 4 things you have to know to know your leader well

1. Know your pastor’s heart and vision. This has to do with "what"..What are his dreams? What has God called him do? What are his goals?

2. What’s his philosophy of ministry? This has to do with "why"...
Why does he want to accomplish the what's? There's lot's of ways to accomplish the what's but if you don't understand why your leader thinks what they think you can't get them what they want. Seek to understand how they define things and understand that all actions come from our our thinking. Knowing how your leader thinks and what they value helps you to understand your leader's philosophy of ministry.

3. Know your leaders leadership style. It's important to be yourself but as a person under authority as well as someone who exists to represent our leader in the areas we oversee we must lead like them but also be true to our self. This is where "how" comes in. How you do what you do matters to your leader. Be a student of your leader's style of ministry.

4. Model your pastor. This is where you put the "what, the why and the how" together and turn the three into action. The proof of knowing what, why and how about your leader causes you to model your leader well. You can't represent your leader if you are not willing to model them Jesus said if you’ve seen me you have seen the Father. Now there's an example of modeling your leader.

The title children's pastor can't be found in the Bible. We come under the office of the pastor we exist to represent them to the children and families of your church.

more to come...

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