Friday, March 16, 2012

Eight Relationships That Matter In Ministry-Part 3

#3. Know yourself
In May of 2007 the Lord gave me a new assignment for Him. During that transistion a couple of dear friends introduced me to a wonderful tool. It is the Path Element Profile or (PEP) by Laurie Beth Jones. This tool reveals the 4 Elements of Success which are Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. In each of us you find all 4 elements in different amounts or intensities. This tool helped me more than anything I have ever used to understand the natual lens I view life before I put on the corrective lens of God's Word. Understanding my lens helped me know myself. It also helped me to understand how to communicate with others.
Each element also has strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these also helps me to know what to work on and deserned the proper actions required. As I have gained understanding about myself it has also helped me to guard my heart. God's Word tells us that above all else we should guard our hearts this is not a one time thing but must become a way of life.
You’ll never lead others if you can’t lead yourself. What have you done to know yourself better?
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