Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Raising Godly Kids In A Not So Godly World-Part 2

There were three things Julie and I did with our kids that really paid off.
1. We spent a lot of time with our kids (daily, weekly and yearly)
2. We always required church. This included attendance and involvement.
3. We made up our own rules about the influences and voices that spoke into our kids that we could control like spending the night other places, video games, cell phones, internet use, phones and TV’s in their rooms, (what’s done in their room you can’t control as well as in the family areas) driving, dating, and other influential relationships. I believe with all my heart that there should there be a difference in how Christians raised their children and how non-Christians parent their children!

I am so thankful that I was raised in a Christian home. My home was a loving place filled with laughter and lots, and I do mean lots of southern food! For most of my childhood I only had one parent. It’s true in anything a team working together can get more accomplished than one person working by themselves. My Dad and Mom divorced when I was six months old, then my Dad passed away when I was three. My mom was smart and enlisted the help of others when a Father was not in the picture. (Extended family, the Church, Church leaders, Boy Scouts, Coaches, and friends.) I do believe two born again people working as a team with one agenda, to raise on fire, Godly kids have an advantage over parents working alone or in direct conflict with another parent with a different mindset of parenting but I do believe a single parent or a parent working alone can raise children to be Godly. Like in anything else it just requires more work, more time and being truly selective of the spiritual walk and effectiveness of the team members they involve along side of them to join the disclipling team.


  1. Thank you for this reminder! I have three boys (4 1/2, 2 1/2, and 3 months). I love all three of these points! Three things that I too will hold in my family! Thanks for your ministry!

  2. Thanks for posting. I just got my first grandson. I had no idea that little boys could be so sweet!