Thursday, March 24, 2011

Developing A Biblical World View In Your Children-Part 7

9. Quote the Bible to your kids and let them see you feed on the Word constantly. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You should model to children and families a life built on the Word. If your kids don’t see you doing these things they won’t do them either. If we are what we eat physically we are also what we eat spiritually. The more I pray, read and meditate the Word it helps the kids around me do the same. When kids ask for our advice give them the Word. I taught at a conference recently and overheard some people talking about the workshops I had taught and they where telling some people to go to my workshops because I actually use the Bible. Now if we can stick out at a conference using the Bible you can also stick out as a parent for given them the word! They need the word more than anything else you can give them.

10. Teach the importance of attending and being active in church. One of my favorite scriptures is Luke 4:16 it tells us that Jesus went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day as it was His custom. Jesus modeled for us the habit of attending church. It was never up for discussion whether my daughters would attend church. If they wanted to take a dance class on a church night they didn’t take the class, they went to church. But not only did they attend, they served.  They were active in things for their age group but they also gave back to others. I was not the only person in our family involved in ministry we were a ministering family. Now that they are adults they are still doing what they were trained a children to do. Yancy is in full time ministry but she still gives back to her home church. Whitney doesn’t just attend a small group she’s the small group leader. Parents if you make them eat green beans because “they are good for you” why not have them in church, it it also “good for them!” Don’t just tell them to do it, set the example of attending, serving, learning and growing
Do the children at your church and the children at your house have a love for the Bible? A love that moves them from studying the Bible to living the Bible. It’s not just the responsibility of the pastor it’s both the home and church doing these things together!
Same actions bring same results, what are you going to start doing differently?

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