Monday, March 07, 2011

Everyone Does Better With A Coach

In early 2007 I got new marching orders for my life. The Lord gave me a fresh desire to take what I’ve learned about children’s ministry and leadership over the past 30 years and pass it on to the next generation of children's ministry leaders. I began to look for ways to do this in addition to my monthly audio leadership resource “the Club.” I added blogs, began to host forums and discussion groups online and began to write for several ministry publications; yet I knew there was still something missing. It seemed like the more I did to mentor others the more people wanted me to come up with a way to personally coach and mentor them. For years I’ve been looking for a way to offer a mentoring service that’s intensive yet affordable for any size church. My good friend Matt Payne told me about a coaching program his youth pastor had gone through that costed what a four-day conference would cost.  So I tried it and immediately I knew I had found what I was looking for!

Since that first group I have seen 80 people go through my infuse coaching program. Mr. Webster defines infuse as: to instill a quality or skill in someone or something; to soak or pour into. This is what I’ve been looking for, a way to pour into others what it’s taken me years to learn so they can be better leaders and accomplish more in less time. 

Infuse is limited to 20 selected candidates. I have already excepted 15 for my 2011-2012 group that will start in September and go through the first weekend in March.  I’m excited at this place in my life and ministry to be able to make this service available. I’d love for you to prayerfully consider this investment in yourself, in your dreams and in your ministry, I want to help you become the leader you want to be and pour into you the qualities and skills to make your dreams reality. Over the next few days I'm going to post some things that those who have gone through the infuse program have said about it. The find out more about infuse or to download an application go to

Want to win a free 6 months of infuse? Leave a comment on today's post and let me know why you should be selected. 


  1. I would love to do a program like Infuse...I know youth pastors that have done programs like Infuse and they have LOVED it. As a children's pastor it is hard to connect with other leaders...there are not as many good children's pastors out there as there are youth or senior pastors. Plus on top of meeting some GREAT pastors get a chance to grow with the world famous, Jim Wideman! Also I think I should be selected because I was first :) Early bird gets the worm!

  2. I think that I should be selected because my I believe that with the leadership skills I will pick up from brojim, I would be able to lead my team to work together and reach more kids and be organizationally set up to handle the growth. I believe that one of the only things that is holding us back from doing this is my lack of knowledge on being a good leader. Being a part of Infuse would connect me with other kidmin and set me up for growth spiritually, organizationally, and in leadership. I don't believe that God will send kids or workers to a ministry that is not organizationally set up to handle the growth. Infuse would help me to get to this position to be able to handle the growth that God has for me. Thanks-

  3. I would like to be chosen to do the infuse group for so many different reasons. I am two years into being a children's director and am constantly trying to glean all I can from other leaders who have done ministry successfully. Being a former youth pastor I now respect chidren's directors a lot more. I am at a church that started 2 1/2 years ago in Tulsa, Ok, so in order for me to even be considered for infuse I'd have to get it for free. I'd be honored if you selected me, but understand that it is ultimately in the hands of God. If He wants use you as my conduit for knowledge, He'll make it happen. If not, He'll make it happen another way. Thanks for giving us an opportunity like this Jim.

  4. As much as I would like to do the Infuse program myself, I do not believe that I should be selected for the free 6 months of Infuse. I believe you should give that to Jared Massey. Jared is a young man called to children’s ministry in a rural church. Jared works bi-vocationally as the Children’s and Youth pastor at his church. Despite the smaller church he serves, he has a clear passion for children’s ministry and a depth of thought and insight that I have rarely seen in a young man his age. I have no doubt that he will do great things in the years to come both in terms of helping kids to learn about God and in being a valuable asset to the children’s ministry community at large. When I started last summer, Jared was one of the first people to join up in our attempt to serve the volunteer and bi-vocational children’s ministry community. He has now stepped up into the role of assistant editor to make sure that the site continues its mission during my pseudo-sabbatical. Jared has need a mainstay on our bi-weekly radio program for Kidmin1124, and I am consistently floored by his wisdom and insights. Knowing you both (as well as you can from primarily online interaction), I have no doubt that he will benefit tremendously from Infuse, and that he will take what he has learned and be a blessing to many others. Jared also writes his own blog at I hope you will consider him for the program. FYI, I haven’t told Jared that I am nominating him, but if you select him it makes it all that much harder to turn down the opportunity!  Thanks, and take care. Wayne.

  5. Dear Jim,
    My name is Ericca Cantlay I have just finished my first year as a Children’s Director of a church I have grown up in my whole life. Our church has just implemented the orange philosophy for our children’s department this school year. On average we have on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights around 20-27 children in grades k-5.
    I love serving God at First Baptist Church DeLand. I feel though, that I am struggling as a new Children’s Director. I am learning to ask for help and delegating but I know that I sure could use a lot of help. Thank you for your blog. I have enjoyed reading it and getting ideas on how to help in everyday situations.
    I also look forward to hearing you speak at the Orange Conference in April. Thank you for all that you do for other Children’s Ministers.
    Ericca Cantlay

  6. Hi Brother Jim! Children's minister-best carreer, calling, job ever. And still, sometimes I cannot see the forest for the trees. Did I even say that right? It seems as though sometimes the more closely involved I am, the less perspective I have. I think that I should be chosen because, the longer I do this (5years), the less I know. This kind of continuing education (Infuse) is needed to shake me up, and rock my world. Woo Hoo!

  7. Hi, Jim!
    I just wanted to throw in my "second" to Wayne's nomination of Jared. He's quite an impressive young man and it only takes about 2 mins of talking to him to hear his passion for God and God's kids. I believe it would be a great investment of your time and heart if this went to Jared.

    Btw, congrats on the new grandson! Hope to see you at the Orange conference again this year and hear all about being a granddad!

  8. Hey Bro. Jim, I hope you and your family are doing well. First off congratulations on that new grandson. I saw that little man got to enjoy his first Sunday lunch at his "G's" house. I bet he sure is precious. I sure am happy for you all.

    Next, I would like to come back to the topic of the free 6 months of Infuse that you mentioned above. I have looked at what others have said about the Infuse experience and you have done a tremendous job by all accounts. We are currently growing a CM from the ground up. Thankfully the last ministry that we served in was a 3500 +/- multi-site church. We were the cp's at one of the satellite campuses and it allowed us to watch and learn a whole lot. We have been able to implement a variety of things at our current church (even in other areas of ministry) that hopefully is positioning us for good growth. We are building a great team. The more we grow and do though, the more I see a need to grow myself to be able to lead the cm and others properly. Also, last week my lead pastor mentioned to me that he is also looking at me being his administrative pastor in addition to my current role. That being said, I've got a whole lot of learning and implementing to do. Please look for my application the first part of next week regardless of who wins. Thanks for your time and all that you do for children and leaders. p.s. Roll Tide from North Alabama. Thanks.-JK

  9. Hey Jim,

    While coming up with legit reasons why you should pick me for Infuse I decided to give you a few ridiculous reasons also.

    1) I'm a huge Saints fan, and I know you also pull for God's team.
    2) I have a bobble head shelf in my office that is missing a Jim W. bobble head right between Spurgeon and Colonel Sanders.
    3) I beat Sam Luce in Fantasy football (granted he's a baseball guy.)
    4) I once got in a cage match with Cindy Fiala, (actually we just had coffee and hung out but it sounded good.)

    Now for the serious stuff.....I have a passion for creatively and effectively reaching Kids and Students for Christ. As a part of Infuse I will grow and learn how to be more successful at connecting and drawing from your experience as well as the group. I know that Infuse would be a great way to cultivate the creativity needed to take my ministries to the next level. Thanks for everything you do.


  10. I would like to recommend to you, Bro. Jim, that you choose Jared Massey for the 6 months of Infuse. He has such a heart for ministry. Not one moment of your time would be wasted on him as I am sure that he would soak up every word and idea. Thanks for considering him.
    Tammy Jones

  11. Hey there Jim!
    I too have come to ask that you consider Jared Massey for your Infuse program. He is by far one of the most passionate people I know when it comes to his love for Jesus and kids knowing Him. He isn't only passionate for the ministry he serves in though; he is equally as passionate for others who serve in Children's Ministry. He shows this time and time again in reaching out through Kidmin1124 and the online kidmin community. I know that he would benefit greatly from participating in your mentoring group, but also that the many kids that he serves and other serving in children's ministry will as well. You would not only be investing in him, but all the lives he touches as well.
    Thanks so much for considering him.

  12. Jim
    I would like to Second all my awesome Kidmin1124 friends & nominate Jared Massey for your Infuse program. Its not everyday that an opportunity like this comes along. God puts these things in front of us for a reason. Jared deserves this opportunity & so much more. Thank you truly for all that you do for God & everyone around you. You are an amazing person with a big heart! Look forward in seeing who gets a chance to reach beyond their potential & do more for children's ministry & themselves than they ever imagined!

    Thanks so much for considering him.

    Leisa Jenkins

  13. Jim, I would like to join the rest of the Kidmin memebers by nominating Jared Massey for the Infuse Program. He truly has a heart for growing faith in our youth! Thank you for making this program available!

  14. I agree with many others on here -- put Jared in the program. He's always willing to lend a helping hand, and he's a true team member. He has a real heart for the ministry and would make the most of this experience.