Friday, March 18, 2011

Developing A Biblical World View In Your Children-Part 3

Over these past thirty plus years of working with children I’ve seen thousands of kids come up through my ministry. I am so blessed to have scores of “Timothy’s” in full time ministry who have been in my children’s church. I have gotten a real kick out of catching up with kids on facebook who have been a part of previous children’s ministries I have had the privilege of leading. But the sad spot within my heart is when I think about the kids who are not living for Christ and who are not walking out the goal to become a doer of the word. The problem is not just in church, it’s also in the home! So many kids who were not only raised in the church they were also raised in Christian homes, by Christian parents, listening to Christian music, watching Christian videos, reading Christian books, hanging around with Christian friends who did the same things are not following Christ today. What happen? I believe that the problem lies within the church and the family having two views of life rather than one Bible based world view.
The Bible tells us we are in the world but we are not of the world. The Bible also tells us to come out of the world and be separate yet we are told to be salt and light to the world. Over the years I have studied families and the different way they parent. I’ve also studied churches and the different way they do church. To me the families and churches who have the greatest success are the ones who have teamed together to join their forces to develop in individuals a biblical view of how to live 24/7.  I have had the wonderful honor of raising two wonderful daughters. They are both successful not only in business but also in their spiritual walk.  My girls are as different as night and day, if I had not been in the delivery room with both of them I would not believe they were kin. I have had to discipline them differently, I have to communicate and instruct them differently. But when it comes down to making choices and how to live it was the same for them as it was for their mother and I and that was what does the Bible say?

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