Friday, March 25, 2011

Kidmin Blog March Maddness

Again this year my blog got nominated to be a part of the Kids Ministry Blog Madness over at Ministry-To- It's a tremendous honor to be nominated and to have advanced to the second round. This is a lot of work for a contest but the cool thing about this is beyond the contest it gives those of us in kidmin to find blogs that maybe we didn't know about. (Thanks Tony!) I know for me I find out about blogs and young leaders I want to learn from and some I want to invest in each and every year. I hope you'll take a minute and checkout all the blogs, even those from the first round. While your there I would appreciate you voting for my blog. I'm not sure if I'll advnce to the next round if I do win I'm looking forward to giving the ipad2 away to one of the young leaders I've been voting for who is going to be in Infuse 5 beginning in September. The bottom line is everyone is a winner when they learn from one another and live a life that values networking. Networking is a way a life for me it has been my secret weapon in my 20's, 30's 40's & now in my 50's. I practice it daily through blogs, weekly through phone calls and lunches and throughout the year at the conferences and events I participate in. It means more to me that you get this more than even a vote for my blog. Growing leaders are learners! That's a leadership nugget you can take to the bank!

Thanks for voting for my blog to get into the final four I have dedicated JWM to helping the next generation of children's ministry leaders the other 3 folks who are in the final are young guns I have worked with or are about to work with in infuse5 so please don't vote for me. I's love to see Jared get the ipad2 I think it would help his ministry the most!


  1. What Jim didn't mention is that he really wants you to vote for Small Town Kidmin in the Southwest region as well. Jim is from a small town and had only seven kids in his ministry at one point (or so I've heard) so he can really relate to that blog.

  2. If I win the ipad2 it's yours so if you advance and I advance you have 2 chances of the ipad2

  3. I was gonna offer it to you if I win, but in the final hours, I'm getting creamed! So best of luck to ya Jared!

  4. Thanks everyone for voting for me and landing me here in the final four. If I win it will be up to you I’m not promoting myself against my kids. I’e already promised Jared the ipad2 if I were to win.
    Sam is one of my 2yr infusers and will be helping me coach in infuse 5. Justyn is like one of my Timothy’s, one of his Timothy’s who is the CP at his old church will also be in infuse 5. I’m excited about Jarod being in Infuse 5 in September and hat’s off to a bi-vocational allstar. So Dad wants to see his boys win so whoever gets your vote make this old CP proud!- Thanks for your love and support always! This has been fun!