Thursday, March 10, 2011

Everyone Does Better With A Coach-part 4

You've heard from some of the guys, now lets hear from some of the ladies...

My time in Infuse has been so incredibly helpful. I'm a more organized leader, more strategic thinker, and better mother & wife because of Jim's teachings. My goal in signing up for Infuse was to take my leadership to the next level. I can definitely say that Infuse has helped me to do that!
Susan Hughes

Infuse is incredibly practical and will help you take your ministry and your leadership to the next level. I have learned so much over these months and am thankful for the blessing Bro. Jim has been in my life. He is a wonderful encourager who will push you to go further and live into the call God has on your life. 
Kristen Englund

"Infuse mentorship came at a time when I was really struggling with whether
or not I was to remain in the ministry. I was feeling inadequate to move
with my church to the next level, but I didn't know where to turn. In fact,
the year before I had asked a trusted leader of a larger children's ministry
for his suggestion on what I could do to "grow with my church" and he had
suggested joining The Club. That was a great step in the right direction,
but Infuse was so much more! The assignments helped me do things I knew
would help, but I needed the accountability with the other Infusers to
actually follow through on getting the reading, writing, and implementing
done! Not only have I grown because of Bro. Jim's input, but because of the
comments and ideas I've gained from other group members. "Sitting at the
feet" of our gracious "fearless leader" is an experience I'll always cherish.
Kathy King

Infuse has been he perfect "next step" to grow me me as a leader. I have been challenged these past 6 months to take a look at how I prioritize my time and challenge myself as to what I can hand off to others
Bro. Jim's Structure for Growth plan has provided me with the tools I needed to take our ministry structure to the next level. It truly has been a rewarding experience!!
Paula Spear

Another thing that makes infuse different is the experience starts with the Path Element 
Profile ™ by Laurie Beth Jones for both the infuse member and their spouse as well as your supervisor. We start your coaching journey seeing the lens you view the world as well as helping you communicate better. That's another one of the many differences that make infuse successful.

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  1. Wow! Hearing from women that have already been a part of infuse just makes me even more hungry for the opportunity. I've always had a heart for ministry and leadership, but I never imagined I would be a Children's Pastor. I love it!!! I want to be the best mentor for my team and other women and leaders that find themselves in the same place as me, relying on God's grace to accomplish great things for His kingdom. I have grown more than I ever expected in the last couple years, I am so eager to equip myself to be ready for whatever God has for me in the next few years. I would be honored to be a part of infuse, and having a financial hand would make it even better!