Saturday, November 30, 2013

Here's what a spouse has to say about Infuse

When Jeremy first mentioned Infuse, I was quite unsure what he'd glean from an online community discussion with a weekend here and there in Nashville, and a monthly phone call. My skepticism couldn't have been more in error. Infuse has transformed my husband's passion and his ministry: bringing it from the realm of abstract dreams to God ordained plans in action. Internally he has become more confident as a leader and the ministries he oversees have been richly impacted. He has formed great friendships that encourage him and allow him to glean wisdom. And Brother Jim's passion for mentoring have impacted us in very specific ways both as leaders and as parents and spouses. Infuse is worth every investment!

Jennifer Miller
Winchester, VA

Jeremy has been a part of infuse for 3 different sessions. Jeremy started as a Children's Pastor but was asked by his pastor to be the Executive Pastor of his church. This has happened time and time again. Infusers have gone from churches of 200 to over 5000. Some of my Infusers are serving kidmin by now serving as Executive Pastors, Family Pastors, Campus Pastors and those who now have their own ministries. Infuse is all about helping people see their dreams come true. I'd love to help you see your dreams come true too.

My goal is to fill the next two groups up by the first of the year. Don't put this off complete your application today.


  1. Just said yes to 15 more #kidmin leaders 12 for the March group & 3 more for the September group. Looks like 2014 is going to be a great year for #infuse!

  2. Gotta get a video recorded so I can get it to you...feeling the pressure now :)

  3. Jesse there are just 5 spaces left for March get it in this week!