Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here's what Kidmin folks are saying about their infuse experience...

"My experience with Infuse has been both life-giving and life-changing. The years and years of knowledge and wisdom that Brother Jim has poured into us is PRICELESS! He has helped me to identify my strengths and weakness. And showed me how to lead through those. Brother Jim has challenged me to be a better leader, servant and parent and spouse. My ministry is better because of this. I have made new and lasting friendships that I will cherish always in this group. Do yourself, your family and your church a favor and join Infuse 8! The best decision that I have ever made in ministry was to work on myself. 

Lena W.
Nashville, TN

Infuse means so much to me because it has strengthened my walk with God, my family and my ministry by challenging my priorities. It has taught me what is most important and how to protect it. Anyone who is facing difficulty in any of these areas, or just needs to shore up what they already have, should join Infuse and expect God to do great things!

Jonathan B.
Colorada Springs, CO

Infuse is a one of a kind experience. You get personal coaching from one of the pioneers of children's ministry and you build relationships with other kids pastors currently in the trenches. One of the most powerful things Infuse does is helps kids pastors contextualize what they learn through Infuse to the church they serve in. Most conferences are a one size fits all. Infuse is custom fit for you and your church. If you have been considering doing Infuse or something like it sign up today you will be glad you did.

Sam Luce
Utica, NY

Infuse is simply the best.  Infuse provides you the opportunity to learn from the greatest children's leader of our generation. Bro Jim is so good at helping everyone grow as a leader, regardless of denomination or background.  Bro Jim is a great teacher and mentor and I am honored to call him friend.  The growth I experienced through Infuse has benefited all areas of my life and ministry.

Another benefit of Infuse is that, as opposed to a conference, you walk through this experience with a group of like minded children's leaders seeking to grow their ministry.  These leaders will become a network of very close friends that you can call on for anything for the rest of your life. Not a week goes by that I do not contact one of my fellow Infusers.

What sets Infuse apart from other coaching networks is the retreats. These retreats provide you the opportunity to come face to face with Bro Jim, your fellow Infusers and the coaches as you walk through several focused mentoring sessions together.  Personally I believe the most popular sessions are those held at Bro Jim's house.  There is something special that happens when you are invited into someone's home.  These sessions are relaxed which allows everyone to let down their guard and ask the questions that will help them grow.

If you are looking to invest in yourself, improve your ministry and grow as leader then Infuse is perfect for you! 

Clayton Poland
West Monroe, LA

for more information and to download an application for the March 2014 or September 2014 session click here.

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