Monday, November 25, 2013

Infuse is not just another coaching program...

Back in 2007 I received new marching orders for my life. The Lord gave me a fresh desire to take what I’ve learned about children’s ministry and leadership and pass it on to the next generation of leaders. I began to look for ways to do this in addition to my monthly audio leadership resource I call “the Club.” I added blogs, began to host forums and discussion groups online and began to write for several ministry publications; yet I knew there was still something missing. It seemed like the more I did to mentor others the more people wanted me to come up with a way to personally coach and mentor them. That's when I began looking for a way to offer a mentoring service that was intensive yet affordable for most churches.

Infuse is not only the original kidmin coaching program but it is also the largest  and most successful kidmin coaching program. It's also the only kidmin coaching program that is led by a certified coach. Another infuse advantage is that everyone of the coaches who help me has spent a minimum of two years with me in infuse and are all graduates of the program. Infuse also is the only kidmin coaching program that has an opportunity for a second advance session.

 Mr. Webster defines infuse as: to instill a quality or skill in someone or something; to soak or pour into. This is what infuse has been about from day one, a way to pour into others what it’s taken me years to learn so they can be better leaders and accomplish more in less time. Infuse is limited to 20 selected candidates. Because of the high response I have had over the last few years for kidmin leaders be a part of infuse beginning in 2014 I will offer not one but two sessions of the infuse coaching program.

I’m excited at this place in my life and ministry to devote my full attention to infuse. Over the next few days I want to invite you to look over all the information and ask the Lord if infuse is right for you? I’d love for you to prayerfully consider this investment in yourself, in your dreams and in your ministry, I want to help you become the leader you want to be and pour into you the qualities and skills to make your dreams reality. I believe this is my chance to take what the years have given me so I can pass what I've learned on to the next generation of kidmin leaders. 

Everyone does better with a coach. So far I have successfully coached 12 groups with right at 300 kidmin and stumin leaders going through the infuse program. The results have been greater than I could have ever imagined but more importantlly lifelong friendships and divine connections have been forged. (Also 3 KIDMIN books and counting)

I’m looking forward to being your KIDMIN coach!

Go to and download your application to become one of my infusers. Infuse is better than a conference or seminar it's a six month, intense learning experience you'll not only learn from me and the other 10 coaches who help me but you'll gain friendships and relationships you'll have forever. Still have questions? Send me an email. What are you waiting for? There are cheaper coaching programs out there byt none have more proven results than infuse. Over the next few weeks you'll be hearing from actual kidmin leaders just like you who have gone through infuse. Let 2014 be the year you take a step to become a leader's leader!

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