Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What others are saying about infuse...

"I wish there had been something like Infuse when I started doing ministry 20 years ago. My desire to learn has always been strong, but I can honestly say that this program has propelled my personal and professional growth like no other conference, book or coaching ever has! Oh, and the biggest bonus of all is that you meet an amazing group of kidmin workers who will be lifelong friends and a support system for years to come. Please, please, please work toward attending one of these Infuse will NOT be disappointed!!" 

Brian F.

Longview, TX

To say INFUSE has blessed me would be an understatement. Jim’s insight into leadership in all things – family, self, and ministry continues to grow and challenge me to be the leader God desires me to be. The friendships made through the retreat with fellow INFUSE members has proven to be amazing support in my prayer life, personal life, and ministry life. I am not only blessed by Jim but by the 30 other ministry leaders around the nation who I would have never met had it not been for the opportunities provided for me through infuse.

Bethany H

Napersville, IL

Infuse has been life changing for me and we are only half way through! I have attended my share of conferences over the last five years and have always walked away encouraged with good, practical advice to implement when I got home, but Infuse is different. Don't get me wrong, I have gleaned incredible ideas and practical advice about ministry, but more than that, I have been challenged to become a better leader. Bro Jim has provided practical, yet challenging opportunities to grow in my leadership and the guidance it takes to fulfill those opportunities. I almost backed out at the last minute because of financial concerns, but I am so glad I didn't. I have already gotten my moneys worth and more. If I had a choice of attending every children's ministry conference I could think of, or just doing Infuse again, I'd chose Infuse without even thinking about it. Bro Jim's passion for mentoring leaders and willingness to be open and transparent with those he leads is apparent from the moment you meet him. I am forever grateful that God has given me this opportunity to learn and grow from Infuse!

Helen F

Wilmington, NC

I've been doing infuse for many years as a participant and a coach and I learned more from being a part of Infuse than all the conferences I've ever attended all added together. That's how powerful Infuse is.
Larry Hillman
Tampa, FL

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