Friday, November 29, 2013

Infuse works!

I have been in full-time ministry for over 20 years.  Over half of that has been as a Children’s Minister at the church that I’m currently at.  I was searching for a way that I could continue growing, stay fresh in ministry and prepare for future ministry.  Getting accepted into the Infuse mentoring program has provided the experience I was looking for.  The teaching has provided timely information that is spot on for what our children’s ministry needs.  Being able to connect with other ministers who are asking the same questions or have gone through what we are experiencing is very helpful too.  But the best part of Infuse for me has been the accountability that comes from being mentored.  If you really want to grow find a mentor!  The opportunity to personally ask a mentor like Jim Wideman question after question after question and get his response is invaluable.  It’s hard to express what is fully gained by having this type of relationship.  The more I learn to lean into mentoring the more I’m going to grow personally and professionally.

Jim W.
Oronogo, MO

Infuse has been a great experience. It has caused me to dig down and solidify in my heart what I believe about children and families, and has challenged me to take the steps necessary to see life change in ministry. 
Adrienn B.
Mission, TX

Honestly, when I applied for Infuse I wasn’t really sure what to expect I just knew if I wanted to go to the next level as pastor and a leader I needed some help and who else better to get it from then Jim Wideman (aka the godfather of Family Ministry)!

However, if I really examine my motivation and intention behind joining the Infuse group it was self-promotion. The ability to connect with others, which would possibly produce better opportunities for ME, and allow ME is have a bigger ministry at a bigger church, help ME to be known. It’s not pretty, but it is honest, that is where I was!

But Infuse has done something huge in my heart.

Has is allowed me be gain some tools to be a better leader? Sure.
Do I have tools to allow my ministry and church to go to the next level? Yes.
Do I know what I need to do to get more volunteers? Absolutely.
But, the best thing Infuse did for me is challenge me to be a more gracious, humble follower of Christ. 

I was reminded that you don’t seek recognition, but that you work as if you are doing everything for Jesus directly and the rest will fall into place. I learned that the best sermon I can have in Family ministry, is the relationship I have with my own personal family. I learned that I am not called to Kid’s Ministry I am called to help fulfill and support the vision God had given my pastor. Ultimately I learned IT IS NOT ABOUT ME!

If you are accepted into an Infuse group you will get all the opportunity you need to ask any question you can think of, you will get all the details you want (and trust me all the ones you might not think you want). You will be challenged both professionally and spiritually. You will determine what you get out of it. It will be a game changing decision for you as a leader, but it is not for the lazy or faint of heart, it is for those that want to be real and want to follow Jesus.

Jenny J
Houston, TX

for more information and to download an application for the March 2014 or September 2014 session click here.

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