Thursday, September 01, 2011

STRETCH-Structuring Your Ministry For Growth

           Yesterday I announce my brand new book, STRETCH- Structing Your Ministry For Growth... Wherever you are in ministry, improving your structure is the key to being ready for the next stage God has for you. The right structure can keep you from being afraid of growth. The wrong structure can keep growth from happening. Improving your structure can allow growth to continue. What you do now really is going to matter later.

The key to any building is its foundation. Just because you want to build a five-story building, doesn’t mean you can. If you don’t have the right foundation, there’s no way you’ll be able to build what you want to build. You usually don’t notice the foundation of a building when you look at it. You see the outside—the color, the architecture, the bricks, or the wood. Ministry is the same way. A lot of times people will just look at the outward things without really understanding there is a whole lot that happens in the foundation that either causes you to see your dreams come true or causes you to come up short.

If you are not experiencing growth presently, it is likely because your structure is holding you back. You are stuck and swamped in a maintenance structure. You need to stretch! But don't just take my word for it here's what others have to say about STRETCH...

"There's a truth in nature that church folk are slow to accept: An organism can't grow larger than what its skeleton can support. It's obvious, and still countless leaders fail to grapple with this reality, and as a result, fail to unlock the redemptive potential of their ministries. InStretch, Jim Wideman reveals lessons in organizational leadership that were earned over decades of front-line ministry. By the time you reach the final page you'll know to structure your ministry that prepares you for reaching your God-sized vision." 

Larry Shallenberger, Pastor and author of "Lead the Way God Made You: Discovering Your Leadership Style in Children's Ministry." 

"I'm a long time reader of all things Jim Wideman, and I'm excited to read more of his newest contribution to the Children's Ministry world "Stretch."  Learning out to create systems, improve ministry structure, and working with others well is something we could all learn more about; and if Brother Jim is teaching I'm all in!"

Children's Pastor/Next Gen Pastor
Lubbock, TX

If  you are a Kidmin leader, you need to read this book!  It will give you practical steps on how to make room for growth in your ministry without getting overwhelmed. Bro Jim lays out a clear path on how to bring your Kid's Ministry to it's full potential! This book will help you lead your ministry, volunteers, and kids better so you can enlarge God's kingdom!

Sara Richards
Children's Pastor, Maple Grove, MN

The official release date is September 15th, until then I'm going to be given some away free. In fact all you have to do to enter to win is to tweet the following "@jimwideman is giving away a copy of his latest book STRETCH #kidmin #churchgrowth." Feel free to tweet every day, also checkout this blog to learn more about this new resource from Jim Wideman Ministries.

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  1. may I ask what is the difference between the hardcover and the paperback? I bought the paperback and enjoyed it but I think I have read a couple places how the hardback is different. Is this true and if so how is it different?