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An inside look at STRETCH-Structuring Your Ministry For Growth-Part 4

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So, are you ready to get started? Your first step is one that will never end. You must become a student of structure. Second Timothy 2:15 kjv says, “Study to shew thyself approved.” This verse applies to the Word, but it also applies to structure.

Study Other Churches
Do your homework. If you’re a church of 300 and you want to grow to a church of 500 or 800, find some churches that have children’s ministries around that size, and see if you can get a hold of their flowcharts. Every church has different structures and strategies they bring to the table.
When I moved to Murfreesboro, the care for workers was just second to none. They had a position that I in thirty years of ministry to four other churches had never heard of—a team leader. All that team leader did was help pastor the other volunteers by making sure they’re doing okay, praying for them if they’re sick, or organizing food if they have baby. The way our volunteers take care of each other here is the most amazing thing. That team leader helps care for and pastor that group. I certainly learned something new at this church, and you can learn from other churches too.

Connect With Others
Are you an island, or are you part of a community? In this day and age, there are tons of ways to connect with children’s ministers all over the world. For example, I love conferences because I love connecting with other people and asking questions about what they are doing. Find you some children’s ministers, and ask them lots of questions about how they structure their ministries. Take every opportunity to learn what people are doing in other churches.

Share Flowcharts
Once you’ve connected with others, share flowcharts with them. 
Send your flowcharts to other children’s ministers, and collect theirs.
I shouldn’t have to tell this to people who work at a church, but I do. Check with the people you actually work with. Check with other departments, and ask about their flowcharts. Sometimes we look outside of the church instead of inside our own church. If there is a department that is really clicking, find out what they do. If preschool has been doing really well but the elementary isn’t, the elementary person should ask the preschool person what they’re doing.

Still more to come...

If you desire to see growth in your own personal spiritual life and the life of your ministry, then order a copy today.

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