Friday, September 02, 2011

What others are saying about STRETCH...

Here are some more comments from folks who have read STRETCH...


I just finished your book.  I loved it.  Your style is practical,
productive, and powerful.  I will be requiring my students to read this in
their pastoring children class next spring.  Thanks for spilling some of
that brain onto the page so that others can benefit from your spirit and

Love ya

Dick Gruber

Valley Forge Christian College
Children's Ministry University Online

 "Very few people have had the impact and influence on my life as Jim Wideman.  For over 15 years, Jim has inspired, challenged, and encouraged me to grow as a leader.  His latest book, STRECH, will challenge and motivate you to the new levels of leadership that you have been dreaming about.  Regardless of the years you have been in ministry or the size of ministry you have been entrusted, STRETCH offers great practical tips that will enable you to grow in all God has for you!"

       Clayton Hurst
       Family and Children's Ministry Pastor
       Lakewood Church
       Houston, Tx

"Bro Jim is an expert in structuring a ministry for growth.  The concepts he discusses in STRETCH have helped my church step it up to the next level."

"I am so thankful that he has brought us STRETCH.  It has truly helped me to move forward to the next stage of my ministry's growth"

"For decades, Jim has challenged us through his mentorship.  Now STRETCH continues his legacy of building Next Gen leaders.  This is DEFINITELY a must read!"

Joe McAlpine
Children's and Family Pastor 
Praise Christian Center, Beaumont TX

The official release date is September 15th, until then I'm going to be given some copies away free. In fact all you have to do to enter to win is to tweet the following

 "@jimwideman is giving away a copy of his latest book STRETCH #kidmin #churchgrowth #jimwideman" 

Feel free to tweet every day, also checkout this blog to learn more about this new resource from Jim Wideman Ministries.

Monday, I'll be posting the winners....

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