Friday, September 30, 2011

Recruiting Like Jesus Recruited-Part 3

Seize opportunities
Jesus went out looking for workers. He didn’t wait for workers to come find him. When Jesus recruited his first disciples, he was walking out by the Sea of Galilee; he wasn’t back in his office behind a desk filling out paperwork. He was out drafting the people he needed.
Here’s my advice for any children’s ministry leader who’s frustrated with not having enough help: Go out and find people. Go where people are. I go to church, to men’s meetings, to women’s meetings…anywhere I might find people who love God and who haven’t found a place to plug into service yet.
And I’ll run databases from the church computer, too. I run a list of all our members, then a list of people who are volunteering already somewhere else. That gives me a list of potential volunteers.
I’m always looking, and guess what? That means I’m always finding, too.

Jesus required commitment, not just sacrifice
Jesus didn’t make it easy for people who were coming to help him. Read  through the Gospels with a highlighter and mark everything Jesus had to say about volunteering. Jesus never once asked someone to sacrifice. Instead, he asked for commitment. The sacrifices followed, but they flowed out of a decision to be a faithful follower—so they weren’t really sacrifices at all. They were simply the cost of discipleship.
When I’m recruiting volunteers, I ask for commitment, too.
I know that cultural trends would say to make every volunteer job something people can do without having to commit much time and effort. And I could do that—but I won’t. Our kids deserve better. They need the consistency, and the volunteers need the time to get better at what they do

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