Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thirteen Days- Thirteen Winners of STRETCH

Thirteen days ago I started asking people to twitter about STRETCH to win a free copy so here's my winners so far...


Winners email me your snail mail address at theClub@jimwideman.com to claim your prize!

I'm still giving out a free book everyday until September 15th just for tweeting, remember the more you tweet and retweet others the more chances you have to win.

@jimwideman is giving away a copy of his latest book STRETCH http://bit.ly/eUSGyx #kidmin #leadership  #jimwideman

If you desire to see growth in your own personal spiritual life and the life of your ministry, then order a copy today. (This is lowest price you can find on both the Paperback and the Hardcover versions)

Need to buy in bulk for your team? Contact us at the email above!

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