Monday, September 05, 2011

STRETCH-Structuring Your Ministry For Growth GIVE-A-WAY!

September 1st we started asking people to twitter about STRETCH to win a copy so here's my five winners so far...


Email me your snail mail address at
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I'm still giving out a free book everyday until September 15th just for tweeting...

@jimwideman is giving away a copy of his latest book STRETCH #kidmin #leadership  #jimwideman

Here's what JC Thompson from had to say about STRETCH!

First of all the reason that you should read this book is two-fold. Jim Wideman, who has spent decades in Children’s Ministry, has a history of building incredible ministries that last beyond his time in those contexts. Jim is someone that as a young person I not only want to model my ministry after, but also my personal life.

Stretch is a book for those that want to see growth in their ministry and their church. Jim offers practical strategies and mindsets that encourage numerical and spiritual growth in your life and in your ministry. I encourage everyone to read this book, but especially young people. Sometimes as a young person, you don’t lack passion but you do lack direction. Jim gives you some clear direction on where to start and where to aim your ministry strategy.

From God comes the growth is completely true, however I don’t want to end up in heaven with stories of how I buried my “talents” in the ground. From “stretching” those you lead, to facilities, volunteers, and even your organization Jim leads you through ways to open yourself up to God’s blessing.

Growth is something we all desire to be a part of in our lives. Jim’s new book gives you insight into what it takes to produce a strong, healthy growing ministry. If you desire to see growth in your own personal spiritual life and the life of your ministry, then pick up a copy today.

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