Monday, October 03, 2011

I'm Excited About the Kidmin Conference This Week

I don't know what it is about conferences but somehow I just can't get enought of them. I’ve been attending conferences a long time, a really long time. Now that I add it up, I’ve been attending some type of conference every year for almost four decades. Big ones, small ones, one day ones, multi-day ones even “come spend a week with us ones” and then if that was not enough I started speaking at conferences in 1980. You would think this would scratch my conference itch but then not only did I keep attending conferences and speaking at conferences I started hosting conferences that only lead me to the hard stuff , organinizing and putting on conferences. Yes you could say I have a serious conference addiction.

            Conferences have played a big part in the formation as well as the success and longevity of my ministry to children.  The first conference or seminar I attended was shortly after being drafted to minister to children, it was a puppet seminar put on by Puppet Productions and it immediately made a huge difference in my ministry. There was something about the experience that just made it easier to grasp the concepts being taught. Seeing what they were presenting in action plus being able to purchase much needed supplies and props was a huge benefit for me. I started seeking out other conferences to attend locally in my city. It didn’t matter to me what denomination or group was putting on the event if I could learn just one thing that I didn’t know before the conference I viewed it as a success. As I started applying what I was learning the next thing I knew others where asking me to come teach what I was learning. The first additional benefit I realized was that not only conferences where a great place to learn they were an even better way to help you connect and network with others who shared similar interests and callings and who where also on a quest of growth and excellence.
More to come...

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