Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I'm Excited About the Kidmin Conference This Week-Part 3

 I still attend conferences for these same reasons. Number one to learn. I've made a list of what I want to learn from others at the kidmin conference. I've already set up several appointments and meals.

Number two to network and meet people and number three to find resources and helps to aid my ministry. There are a few people I have never met that I'm wanting to meet, there are some other 'young guns' I want to get to know better. There are also some other dear friends I can't wait to get to spend time with. In fact if I'm not teaching you'll find me in the store or the networking lounge.

 But I’ve also learned two more important reasons to attend a conference. The forth reason I attend conferences are that it is good to get away and listen to God. Jim can’t you hear God in your own town. Yes, but there’s some real benefit to leaving the cares and responcibilities of the local church and just get away. It’s really the same benefits of getting kids to get away from their normal lives and go to camp and listen to God. Some of the most important conferences in my life that I attended were not life changing because of the information I learned or received but because of what God confirmed or spoke to my heart. It’s good to get away and listen, to pray to expose yourself to different or new thinking and let God so a work in your heart. I am expecting God to speak to me and reveal some things to me I am expecting to learn.

How about you? What are you wanting to learn? Who do you want to meet and learn from? Are you excited about getting away and hearing from God? 
Why are you excited about Group's #Kidmin11 Conference? 

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