Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vision Casting-part 3

4.  Create a plan to bring your vision to pass. Planning must always go before action. You’ve started with the end now go to the beginning. Determine exactly where you are. Now begin to think in small manageable steps or short-term goals. Focus on each step in the process being careful not to move too quickly or to skip a step.

5.  Create structure to make it happen. Structure is the key to being able to move in the direction God wants you to go. You know where you want to go, you have a plan to get there now you must identify the people, positions, and giftings needed to pull it off. It’s not enough to just write job descriptions you need to also create policies and develop systems to make ministry reflexive.

6. Communicate the vision and plan every way you possibly can to your key leaders and staff! This is where you take what you’ve done so far and give it away. Casting vision is hard work and cannot be accomplished with just one method or part time. Speak it, put it in a brochure, make banners, and show pictures that explain it. Use video, interviews, and take every opportunity to communicate and explain your vision as well as your plan. This includes meetings! Spend time with the level of leaders directly under you and help them make your vision their own. This is an important step because they will impart your vision to others and you will not be alone in the vision casting process. This is something you must develop as a life habit and must become a part of your life-style.

7.  Teach it all to your workers.  What do I teach? Teach and explain your philosophy of ministry. Teach on your mission and overall goal. Teach your structure.  If your workers don’t understand how authority works they won’t be people under authority. I also teach vision specifics. Things like what I want each child to become after they complete each ministry within our children’s department. I teach my plan in steps so it can be easily followed and understood.


  1. Thank you for this, looking forward to reading the rest.
    Vision is often partnered with passion, I always find it difficult to slow myself down and let everyone else think and absorb the vision and let their passion grow.
    Thanks for illuminating a successful process.

  2. you are welcome...thanks for reading & leaving a comment!