Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking Ahead and Pointing The Way

One of the most intriguing professions in the world to me is forecasting the weather. Sometimes they miss it but most of the time they get it right.
Mr. Webster defines forecasting as “to predict a future condition or occurrence; to calculate in advance by forethought and foresight in planning.  These are not just descriptions and duties of a meteorologist.  It’s also the responsibility of a leader of volunteers.  Are you accurately predicting future conditions and occurrences by advance planning and careful calculations? Here are twelve steps to become a leader who can look ahead and point the way God wants your team to go. 

 Number one know where you are headed.  Dare to dream.  Habakak 2:2 tells us we need more than just a vision we need to make it plain.  In other works be specific.  Number two know where you are.  I think you must evaluate everything from the needs of the kids, your workers, your budget, the policies and systems, even your thinking. Number three know where you’ve been.  What’s the history of your church and it’s children’s ministry.  Study the numbers, the accomplishments and the challenges. Number four know what others are doing.  A smart leader studies the success and failures of others. Attend a conference, visit their facilities, learn from everyone you can learn from. Number five get God’s plan for your ministry.  Here’s what I know God’s plan always works.  There is a difference between thus sayeth the seminar speaker and thus sayeth the Lord! Number six develop the plan.  God doesn’t lead us in leaps and jumps he leads in steps. Number seven Communicate and execute the plan. Start with the level of leadership around you. Next teach the plan in detail to the next level of leadership. Number eight give yourself a test.  Stop and evaluate. Are you on a pace to hit what you are aiming for?  Number nine teach and make corrections to your team.  Teaching brings definition. Teach on what you have learned through evaluation.  When you correct, correct in love! Ten, set the pace and be the leader. It’s simple leaders must lead.  If you call yourself a leader and no one is following behind you you’re only taking a walk. Eleven, keep momentum and energy moving forward by planning in advance.  Think ahead.  I try to stay nine months ahead. Last but not least- out work everyone.  Work smart, come early, stay late, accomplish more and work hard.

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