Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kidmin Leadership

What happens when you combine:

·                A mentor and coach who for more than thirty-five years has successfully trained hundreds of thousands of local churches’ children’s and youth leaders;
·                Twelve kidmin leaders from various denominational backgrounds, a range of leadership levels, and a variety of life expe­riences;
·                Two years of an intense iron-sharpening-iron program which included more than twenty mentoring phone calls, four retreats, and count­less hours on a private forum at
That’s simple—this book!

Kidmin Leadership focuses on the top-twenty principles all leaders need to know. This book compiles the experiences of a select group of kidmin ministers who have dedicated a substantial amount of time to being mentored by renowned kidmin minister and leadership coach Jim Wideman. Topics include: knowing God’s will, self-leadership, priorities, thinking in steps, how to do what you don’t want to do, visioneering, team building, caring for others, and much, much more. Kidmin Leadership brings together more than a dozen voices who all write from the same heart. It’s a leadership resource you don’t want to do ministry without.

Here’s what others have said about Kidmin Leadership:
“Even beyond the words and messages in this book, the very idea behind this project is significantly pow erful. Jim Wideman’s books and talks have profoundly influenced kidmin. In these pages, you’ll read timeless principles he teaches that have been put into practice with much success. This book should give any kidmin leader great hope that if they put these things into practice, they’ll see success as well.”
–Kenny Conley Next Generation Pastor| Gateway Community Church| Austin, TX|

“There are lots of leadership books out there, but when I come across one that is written by kids’ pastors for kids’ pastors, it gets my attention. I love the fact that this book is not full of theories; it is full of actual experience founded in biblical truth. Every chapter provides a different perspective that cumulates in one voice calling children’s pastors and church leaders alike to up their game and lead; because what we do is eternal, and the Gospel demands it.”
–Sam Luce Children’s Pastor| Redeemer Church| Utica, NY| 

“A book written for leaders by leaders, but not just any leaders—these are ones worth listening to. This is an incredible resource that will save young kidmin leaders like myself time, energy, and pain.”  
–Dustin Nickerson Childrens Ministry Director| Mars Hill Church Bellevue| Bellevue, WA|


  1. I've been volunteering in Kid Min, along side my husband (who has been working in youth ministry for 5 years). This summer I'll be embarking on my first hired position as a Children's pastor. Being officially 'in-charge' of a ministry is exciting and also intimidating. I intend to absorb all good advice and experience I can. I'm sure this book would be a fantastic resource as I begin this new adventure with God.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  2. I am in my second year of working part time for my church as a children's leader. I work alongside another lady who oversees me but I am taking on more and more areas of the ministry as leader. I feel like I have a lot to learn, am often vastly out of my depth and God is very gracious! I am always on the look out for big doses of wisdom to help me along the way, and this looks like a great one - do you post to England?!
    Claire, UK

  3. I've been involved in church ministry from a very young age. Through my teen years and high school I've participated and mainly followed in a variety of roles within the church and outside. Recently I've been considering the next step however maybe the next step is just to go deeper. As I move from student to teacher this may be the stepping stone I'm looking for. Thank you for the offer as it just just might be what someone needs to get over that "hump".

  4. Claire-you're 2 send me your address to

    Andrew you are 3 please email me your address- 2 more folks want a free book?

  5. Yes, I want a free book! I am nearing the end of my first year in children's ministry. It has been extremely challenging as well as rewarding. I would love to read this book. All of the topics are areas I can improve in. I need all the wisdom I can get from those who have experience!

  6. I'm a pastor so anything free is good with me.
    I've been a full-time Children's and Youth Pastor for the last 14 years.
    I truly enjoy children's ministry - it's refreshing. But the more I think I know, the more I realize I have a lot more to learn. I'm always up for a good read that challenges me and inspires me.
    I've also recently stepped into a volunteer role as Provincial Children's Director for our denomination.
    I promise I'll read the book if I get a free copy. I promise I'll order a copy if I don't get it free. But I'd be much happier if it was free. :)

  7. I have been involved with a selected few children's ministries in the last years. Now, my church is wanting to start new ministries and wants me to help lead me. I am much better at being a follower than a leader. Any help I could receive would be appreciated.

  8. Kristy, Kent, & Lizzie I'll send all 3 of you a free book please send your address to me @

  9. So glad I stumbled upon this new resource, via Sam Luce's blog. I look forward to reading it! I'm a volunteer in our very small children's ministry (10 kids, including babies!). We operate on a shoestring budget, but from the sound of it I'm sure this book will offer principles that could be applied in any setting. Thank you for your work to build up families, and for investing in the next generation.