Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I've always been a mama's boy. I love my Mom! My Mom is one of the most caring, loving and fun people I have ever met. She loves people and loves life and has passed both of those gifts to me.

My wife is also an amazing Mom. It's been easier for me to work and be successful outside the home because of how she cared for our kids and ran our home. The reason we are as close to our kids as we are is because of her. Whatever any of us need she's there providing support! She is simply amazing and such a God sent.

On this Mother's Day I am thankful not only for the woman who birthed me and who raised me by herself for most of my childhood and the wonderful wife and mother of my children that I've shared over 32 years with but I am thankful also for the newest mother in my life, my daughter! It has been a blast watching Yancy be a Mom. The way she looks at my Grandson I see that love in her eyes that only a mother has and it's so cool. 

So Happy Mother's Day ladies, may you know you are love, you are appreciated, and you are special!

This Mama's boy loves you bunches!

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  1. This morning my pastor said "No one picks their own Mother, God picks them for you. That's an amazing thought!