Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Have You Heard What Everyone Is Saying About infuse and Infuse Lite?

mentor |ˈmenˌtôr; -tər|
an experienced and trusted adviser 
If you have a desire to take your kidmin leadership to the next level, I can think of no more effective way than to plug into Jim Wideman’s mentorship program Infuse.  Jim will help you evaluate and find those blind spots that are holding you back, and equip you to move forward with purpose and direction.  I am so glad to have the voice of Jim Wideman as a mentor and leader in my life.  Let Jim infuse your life and ministry with a lifetime of leadership wisdom. You will grow both personally and as a leader in ways you never dreamed possible. Sandy Lawson Element Church, Wentzville, MO

Join me this August for a special one month version of my infuse coaching program for a fraction of the cost of a 6 month session...

After all the success stories of infuse I still hear from folks they say a six month session is just out of reach for their budget. So I decided to created a version of my mentoring/coaching program for those of you who would like a taste of what infuse is all about. It's not just a retreat or another conference, it's a month long coaching program with testing for you, your spouse & your leader which includes1 conference call, 30 days of access to Jim and his coaches online and a two day retreat in Murfreesboro, TN (August 30 and 31, 2012) all for just $325 per person.

INFUSE -LITE is limited to 25 leaders on a first come first serve basis. If a former infuser recommends you, you do not have to send in a video with your application however if you do not know a former infuser please complete the entire infuse application with video. Travel, lodging and meals are not included in the price however I will include a path element profile for you, your spouse and your pastor or supervisor (A $150 value). You can download your application here. If that's not a good enough I'll sweeten it a little more for you. After attending INFUSE-LITE you go on to do a full session of infuse (September 2013) I'll discount the tuition an additional $200.

So far I've posted 17 recommendations if that's not enough here are 4 more...

The Infuse program has impacted not just my ministry but also my personal life.  The time that Bro Jim invested into me during the program will stick with me forever.  When it comes to getting the right tools on your ministry belt, this is the one thing that has equipped me more than any conference that I have ever attended.  Thanks Bro Jim for your continual investment into those who have a desire to learnMatt Payne Family Worship Center McKinney, TX

Infuse is something that every children's ministry leader need to experience. I have been in children's ministry for many years and what I learned in Infuse helped me more that everything else put together. If you want to see a real increase in your personal leadership skills and bigger results in your ministry, Infuse is something you can't pass up.   Larry Hillman, Tampa, FL

Infuse has significantly increased my leadership ability in my church, my home and even over myself; causing me to be more responsible, and have better management skills over myself and others. Matt McDaniels

What an awesome opportunity to get one on one answers to those questions you were afraid to ask, thinking that maybe you were crazy! I found that in meeting with Jim Wideman and other children's pastors in a small group setting allowed me to get immediate responses to questions and concerns I had.  I met people who were experiencing the same challenges I was, or had gone through them and was willing to help.  We are better together, and the friendships continue…Diana Lane

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