Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Children's Ministry Brain Trust

Check out CHILDREN'S MINISTRY BRAIN TRUSTwww.cmbraintrust.com, the newest Children's Ministry Website. CMBT provides a singular location for all knowledge and wisdom relating to Children's Ministry. Everything they do within the Children's Ministry Brain Trust is created with the specific purpose of assisting you in being the best Children's Ministry Professional you can be.

CMBT can be defined as follows:
"A collective of children's ministry experts sharing insights and best practices to assist in the wisdom and knowledge of all who are called to Children's Ministry."

Knowledge: this refers to all practical information that relates to Children's Ministry. Sources of information include but are not limited to products, services, administration, leadership, teaching, recruiting, policies and procedures, resources, etc relating to Children's Ministry.

Wisdom: this refers to wisdom gained by Children's Ministry professionals who have been in the field for many years and are willing to share it freely, with those who could benefit from it.

CMBT's Mission is to assist those who have dedicated themselves to seeing children accept Jesus as their personal savior and nurture their spiritual growth as outlined in the Holy Bible by creating the largest, daily useful and relevant, information database of knowledge and wisdom in the world.

Plus this month all who register with CMBT are automatically entered in the Laptop giveaway.

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