Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Infuse Lite Is Coming...

After all the success stories of infuse I still hear from folks they say a six month session is just out of reach for their budget. So I decided to created a verson of my mentoring/coaching program for those of you who would like a taste of what infuse is all about. It's not just a retreat or another conference, it's a month long coaching program with testing for you, your spouce & your leader which includes1 conference call, 30 days of access to Jim and his coaches online and a two day retreat in Murfreesboro, TN (August 30 & 31, 2012) all for just $325 per person.

INFUSE -LITE is limited to 25 leaders on a first come first serve basis. If a former infuser recomends you, you do not have to send in a video with your application however if you do not know a former infuser please complete the entire infuse application with video. Travel, lodging and meals are not included in the price however I will include a path element profile for you, your spouse and your pastor or supervisor (A $150 value). You can download your application here. If that's not a good enough I'll sweeten it a little more for you. After attending INFUSE-LITE you go on to do a full session of infuse (September 2013) I'll discount the tuition an additional $200.

So what are you waiting for send in your application today once you're approved I'll let you know how to pay. The deadline for registration is July 1st but this event will fill up before the deadline. Still not convinced? Here's what a few of my past infusers have to say about it.
"Infuse allowed me to ask tough Children's Ministries leadership questions.  The answers I received were accurate, direct and full of wisdom which helped me move our ministry to a new level.  I would strongly recommend this experience to any rookie or veteran C.M. Leader who is serious about leading a ministry of excellence." Kris Smoll, Director of Discovery Land - Appleton Alliance Church - Avg weekly attendance 3,000

"My favorite part of Infuse is definitely the retreat. Getting one-on-one time with Jim & his family and connecting personally with kids pastors from around the country is invaluable.  Adding 30 days of coaching and a conference call for about the cost of any other conference makes the one month version of Infuse the most attractive coaching option Jim's ever offered." - Christopher Sykes, @kidminchris

"Being mentored by Jim through Infuse has been the "shot in the arm" I needed to keep me enthusiastic about Children's Ministry!  I had been serving for 15+ years when I joined, but there were still plenty of things I learned.  Being able to talk with the group about issues in my ministry and getting both their advice and Jim's input was a huge blessing.  I was pushed to go outside my comfort zone in ministry and encouraged to rethink how and why I did so many things.  You'll grow tremendously from your Infuse experience!" -Kathy King Minister to Children, FBC Opelika, AL

"Sitting under the wisdom and and teaching of Brother Jim for this experience will greatly equip you to lead whatever God might be placing in front of you in the future.  If you want to be do greater things in the future, you better be prepared for greater things." -Jonathan Mittchell, Demotte, IN

"Infuse has had a tremendous effect on both my ministry and my personal life.  Bro. Jim doesn't just give you the tools to move further faster, he moves the starting line, allowing you to benefit from his 30+ years of ministry.  Through Infuse, I've avoided unncessary mistakes and have been given new perspective to make healthier decisions, both at home and at church." -Jared Massey, Smalltown Kids Ministry

"Conferences are great - you get an intense amount of training in a shotgun style delivery. Infuse is better! You still get an intense amount of training, but it is designed specifically for leaders! The level of access and information received from Bro. Jim through the coaching phone call and retreats is unparalleled anywhere in Kidmin! Infuse is an opportunity to experience exponential growth in your leadership journey. I learned more in my time with Bro. Jim in infuse than several years of conferences combined. Being able to walk through this leadership experience with other great leaders just adds to the learning opportunity. Relationships are developed, experience is gained, and you will not be the same as when you started. I cannot say enough about the value of being a part of infuse!  Not everyone can afford the full infuse experience - this shortened time Bro. Jim is offering is a unique opportunity to reap the benefits from infuse, but makes it more accessible. If you were considering a conference for this year--reconsider. You will get more bang for your buck with this one-month session with Bro. Jim." -Spencer Click, Bethel Temple, Hampton, VA

"The time I spent with Bro. Jim in Infuse was invaluable! With each interaction during my Infuse experience, from the retreats, to the calls, to the homework, I gained more and more confidence not only in my ability to be a successful Children's Pastor but to take our Ministry to the next level.  I can honestly say that the wisdom and insight that Bro. Jim shares during the Infuse experience will change your life forever!  It was the best decision I've made!  #Blessed"- Tony Giordano, 7HillsChurch

"Don't miss a great opportunity to gain wisdom and insight from one of the best and most innovative leaders in children's ministry! Infuse will help you will grow as a leader and minister. This is a great cost for something that will benefit you personally and professionally! You will not regret joining Infuse and having an opportunity to learn from Jim Wideman.
*I would love to do Infuse again in the future, it was a fantastic experience!" -Lynne Payne, First Wesleyan Church, Tuscaloosa, AL

more to come...

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