Monday, June 04, 2012

More Things People Are Saying About Infuse...

“I would do infuse every year if I could, and there would still be more to learn and people to meet. I made some great friends, and that is what I benefit most from today. If you can’t do the whole Infuse experience, try the one month version. You can get just as much as the full version if you put in the effort to ask questions and build relationships. Bro Jim makes leadership tools so accessible to anyone that has a desire to learn and you will love this opportunity!”

Mycal Rosales
Children's Pastor
The Church at South Las Vegas

"When I think of infuse I picture a person in the doctor's office, hooked up to an IV.  The person might be in serious trouble, or simply a bit dehydrated.  Whatever the case, he or she needs a boost.  This is exactly what Infuse is - a boost.  There are people in ministry who are barely holding on, and others who just need a shot in the arm to take it to the next level.  Whatever the case, the input that the infuse experience provides, when applied, is the catalyst to unlocking  potential and bringing life and ministry into focus.  It is hard to put a price tag on that type of infusion."

Jon Warneke
New Life Christian Center

"Before I attended Infuse, I felt like I was "stuck" in my ministry. There were days when I wasn't sure what to focus on or what was most important. Infuse and Jim Wideman helped me to take my leadership to the next level."

Susan Hughes
Volunteer Coordinator/PCC Kids Director
Powhatan Community Church

This August I'm accepting 25 people to be a part of a month long coaching and mentoring experience. I'm calling this opportunity "INFUSE-LITE" For lest than what a 3 day event will cost you you get a month of coaching from me and my team of coaches. You get the same personality assessments for you, your spouse and your pastor or supervisor.
You'll also receive a matrix that shows you how to understand and communicate with both your spouse and your leader. You'll also receive a matrix on how to communicate with me, the other coaches as well as each member of infuse.

During the month of August you'll be able to ask questions and participate in assignments and discussions on a special online forum on During our month of coaching there will be a special 2 hr conference call. Then on August 30 & 31 you'll get to participate in a special 2 day retreat. Want more? Stay over the weekend and shadow me over the weekend at my church.

After attending INFUSE-LITE if you sign up for INFUSE 7 (September 1, 2013- February 28, 2014 you'll receive an additional $200 discount.

I've spent a lot of years attending, speaking and hosting conferences they are great for networking and to hear about tips, resources and what others do.
INFUSE is more than a conference it's about developing a relationship with others who will be a part of your life forever. An iron sharpening iron relationship. You'll still hear about stuff, but you'll also learn by seeing first hand. You'll be able to ask questions until you fully understand how to walk out what you want to learn. You'll have the accountability you need to walkout what you desire to know. My coaches and I will do more than speak into your life to help you we'll walk beside you and pull out of you what you want to be.

You have 1 month left to get in your application.July 1st will be the official cutoff or until we reach 25 participants. For all the details and to download an application look here. If you still have questions ask them here or send me an email. Infuse 6 for September 2012-March 2013 is full so this is your last chance to be infused until 2013.
I don't know everything but everything I know I'm willing to teach you. Let's walk together in INFUSE.

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