Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello Again- Part 2

Wednesday was the first day of my trip that had an agenda. I was scheduled to have lunch with a local young Children's Pastor who I had met online. He was another one of those I had placed on my "Young Guns" to watch list. It was a great lunch which means he had some great questions for me. As we talked he re-confirmed some of the things I had been thinking about and hearing from God about. I really enjoyed getting to know him better and was thankful for the connection. It was a good time.

The rest of the day was spent going to see Andersonville National Historic Site. I love history especially Civil War history. This was the site of the largest Conferate Prison we had. As I took it all in I started asking God to reveal areas of my thinking that has in prisoned me. It was a powerful time of focus plus I got to take some great pictures.

I came on back that evening before dark so I could visit Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon. It was a spooky old place from 1840. I took some cool pictures and also visited the graves of Duane Allman and Barry Oakley from my favorite band "The Allman Brothers" I have always wanted to come here and there was something very healing about checking 2 more items off my "Things I want to see list". I couldn't help think about how God had blessed my life and gave me a better life than I could have ever dreamed of. My choices are a big part of seeing God's plans for me complete. Once again I was reminded about choices I needed to make. It was here God showed me rather than worrying about all the things I needed to say no to,  I needed to choose to say yes to His invitations and ways.

That night I went back to my hotel and played my guitar and worshiped the Lord for the good things He had done for me. It was a very humbling day. 

More to come...

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