Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Last Two Days of Vacation

On Thursday I finally got to do what I came on this Macation to do and that was to visit "The Big House" The Allman Brothers Band Museum. While I waited for it to open I headed over to the H & H Mama Louise's Soul Food Kitchen for breakfast. It was great plus all the pictures, posters and ABB gold records and collectibles made it the perfect way to start this tribute to my favorite band. After breakfast I headed over to see where the Capricorn Recording Studio was. Some great music was made there in the 70's. It was there in the alley that the album cover for "Live at Filmore East" was photographed. After I snapped a few pictures myself I headed over to "The Big House" it was a dream come true for me. After a few hundred pictures I headed over to Duane's accident site. It was the ultimate Allman Brothers Band fan day.  I headed back to the hotel and tried to process all that I saw. 
As I thought about my life I couldn't help but think how God had a better plan for me than I ever had for myself. I am so blessed in every way. I also saw God was giving me a renewed desire to want His plan for the rest of my life and to trust Him for His direction. That night I got all ready to go home. I was more relaxed, more rested and more encouraged that I was on the right path for the rest of my life and that I needed to concentrate on hearing God's voice for new direction. This was the first vacation that had more exercise, worship and quiet time than eatting time. It was a huge breakthrough for me.

The next morning I loaded the truck and headed back to Tennessee. One by one I called some of the Young Guns God has placed in my life. Each one seemed to reaffirm what God had been showing me over the last few days. By the time I got home I knew that my first order of business was to lead my family and to concentrate on my health. Second I needed to focus and devote myself to my local church and what He was doing there. Third was to focus on infuse and writing the  books He would direct me to write. God had showed up big time this week and I was going to be more effective during my new season because of this special vacation.

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