Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why I'm Excited about Camp

I have been going to as well as planning and doing Camps and Retreats for kids and teens most of my life. I don't do them because I've always done them or because that's what we do... (like many churches do VBS) but I do them because of the fruit I've seen consistently over the years. Here's a few reasons why I like camps.
1. There's something special about getting away and devoting a few days to God's purposes.
2. I like the relationship building opportunities it gives with other students, leaders and with the Lord.
3. I like the expectations that students and leaders bring to the event that God is going to do something big
4. I like spending time with the people I serve. (I do like the work of the ministry but I love spending time with people most of all)
5. I like having more time devoted to God's purposes in our lives.
6. It's one of the few times people unplug from the voices of the media and other electronic stimuli.
7. It always sparks something in our group when we get back. It's a new platform we can swing from toward God's next level for us as a ministry.

Pray for me and the students and leaders of HSinfinity this weekend. We are headed to camp and God is going to do some amazing things as we seek Him.

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