Monday, April 09, 2012

Ready For A Blog Road Trip?

For several months I've been telling you about a new collaboration book that my I'm releasing with the help of one of my infuse groups entitled The Eric Trap- 5 things every leader has to get right!  During the second year of coaching with my first infuse group we came up with the idea to write a book together as a project that would be based on what they had learned during their infuse experience. The result was KIDMIN LEADERSHIP. (Click the link to reveal a special price, during the blog tour) When I began the second year with my second infuse group the first question everyone asked was "Are we going to write a book like infuse 1.2 did?" Kidmin Leadership was about what was learned and why it is important. We also added how each author modeled what they wrote about and put it in action in their ministry. During one of the retreats we began to brain storm on what this new book could be about. We decided on writing a Kidmin leadership fable on the five things that every leader has to get right. The discussion on what five things was very beneficial as well. All of us agreed that without each of these it was hard to be successful as a leader. They also were the five things that we felt as  group were the most significant topics we had learned in the two years we walked together in infuse.  

Sam and Kenny took on the task to write the fable in a way that the story would reveal each of the these five areas then each person in the group would have to choose which one of these were important to them and write a chapter that was the application of what Eric (the star of our story) was missing in his life and ministry. My job was to write the conclusion. This process went on far after the groups time in infuse. There's been a lot of work put in not only from each of us but also from Jenny Funderburke, one of my coaches and a dear friend and daughter in the ministry. 

 Last week Sam Luce, Kenny Conley and I announced that starting today we would began a two week blog tour of The Eric Trap.  More than 50 kidmin, stumin, and fammin bloggers are reviewing our book. Many of them have been sent multiple copies so they can share the love and give some away. I too will be giving away some books both on my blog here and also on twitter. Be sure and follow me on for even more chances of winning. You can also follow the star of our book at, he'll be giving away books too. Enough talk about the process let's get the tour on the road.

Our first stop on the blog tour is the winner of the 2012 Kidmin Blog Madness, infuse's own Jenny Funderburke. So what are you waiting on click on the link to head over to Jenny's to hear her take on The Eric Trap and to win yourself your very own copy.

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